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December 2005

Dear Photonics Professionals   In November   We added to our portfolio:    –        Spectrometers and Spectrophotometers  from  –        Reflection-transmission measurement systems from     –        Fiber-Lasers from   –        62.5/125um graded index MM fibers and 1060 fibers   Our existing suppliers announced:   –        Deep Cooled Scientific Grade CCD Hi Res V model with USB2 from  –        Strong reduction in the price of 365nm LED Arrays of  –        Ultra-bright 3W LED’s   –        Broad White SM fiber laser … Continue reading

02-Dec-2005 Newsletters

November 2005

Dear Photonics Professionals   In October   We added to our portfolio:    –        4-5um NBP and other IR  filters –        More Details on products from (Click on the product to see details)   Optical Isolator/Hybrid Isolator 1550/1590nm Optical Isolator Multi-mode Optical Isolator 1310nm Optical Isolator 1480nm Optical Isolator 1064nm Optical Isolator Isolator Core Free Space Isolator Tap/Isolator Hybrid 1480/1550WDM+Isolator 980/1550WDM+Isolator … Continue reading

02-Nov-2005 Newsletters

October 2005

Dear Photonics Professionals   In September   We added to our portfolio:    –        Pinholes from  –        ZnSe, ZnS CaF2, Si, etc. Blanks/ingots –        PbS based spectrometer from 1100-3000nm –        Line CCD based detector (for ~$350) –        500 fps Mpixel camera –        Optical Isolator, Optical Switch, Patch cords, Circulators, Attenuators, Polarizers, AODM, Faraday Mirrors, etc  –        Solar cells and panels   Our existing suppliers announced:   –        2Mpixel CCD … Continue reading

02-Oct-2005 Newsletters

September 2005

 Dear Photonics Professionals, In August We added to our portfolio: –          Xe Flash Stroboscopes from / –         Tachometers from Our existing suppliers announced: –         A 132 Element Blue LED Array from –         A Pharmaceutical Online Blend and/or Dryer Monitor from –         Molybdenum Optics from –         ZnS Optics from … Continue reading

02-Sep-2005 Newsletters

August 2005

Dear Photonics Professionals, In July We added to our portfolio: –         DPSS  SLM 20-50mW 532nm from –         Laser Diodes and Silicon Photodiodes from CDH Our existing suppliers announced: –         A 11 Mega Pixel camera from –         Infinity 3-1 cooled 1280-1024 pixel camera from –         Low ripple Edge filters from . –         … Continue reading

02-Aug-2005 Newsletters

July 2005

 Dear Photonics Professionals, In June We added to our portfolio: o         Coatings from DEEP-UV to FAR-IR from o        AR/HR/PR/NBP Coatings for High power CO2, Excimer, ND:YAG Lasers o        VERY REASONABLE PRICES, FAST DELIVERIES o        DPSS and Diode Lasers from  o        473,532, 670, 1064 up till 800mW CW TEM00 o        VERY REASONABLE prices o        Please … Continue reading

02-Jul-2005 Newsletters
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