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December 2008

Thanks for your subscription   High Lights:   Cameras DEMO Camera VGA USB2 Color / NIR at $250 C   Spectroscopy 785nm RAMAN system at $23500 + shipping cost tested and purchased by a major Israeli University S   Optics Photo-masks down to smallest feature of 0.6um O   Detector Fast Photo multiplier (PMT) with rise/fall time << 1nS … Continue reading

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November 2008

Thanks for your subscription   High Lights:   Cameras NIR Camera 640×512 900-1700nm InGaAs Camera  C NIR Enhanced Camera 400-1000m 1.3MPx  27.5 FPS $1100 (30% QE at 750nm 3% at 1000nm) C   Spectroscopy New RAMAN Analyzer from CDI S Sapphire parts for HPLC O S   Optics Highest Quality filters (90% transmission) now at affordable price if delivered in small squares. O   MgF2 blanks or … Continue reading

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October 2008

Subject:                          Oct 08 newsletter -IL Photonics-O C L S D   Thanks for your subscription   High Lights:   Cameras NIR Camera 900-1700nm  C IR Camera 8-12um  C Demo camera from color/IR C License Plate Recognition Camera from C Spectroscopy A RAMAN 785nm complete system $23500 from  (datasheet attached), local reference available. Also available a 532nm system at $19950.S   Micro-RAMAN system from with 1um spot from,kr at $50000 S   … Continue reading

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September 2008

Important Message   To be sure you will keep receiving our newsletter we request you to subscribe to it AGAIN. This can be done easily by replying to this e-mail with in the subject line the word   “Subscribe”.   You can also make a dedicated subscription if you are only interested to receive updates/news … Continue reading

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July 2008

High-Lights Optics Ce: YAG for UV applications Quartz polished down to Lambda/20 BG38 filter to block NIR for camera applications. ZnSe and ZnS blanks 405nm LD lens Filter 30nm FWHM, 90% Efficiency for 1064nm, 1540nm and 1550nm laser detection Plastic lenses High quality and good prices Fluorescence Fluorescence lifetime imaging systems for FRET applications Lasers … Continue reading

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June 2008

High-Lights NIR InGaAs Focal Plane Array Detectors + (Visble enhanced ) Photodiodes from Taiwan. Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories, a manufacturer of telecommunication components / equipment as well as InGaAs Focal Plane Array detectors (FPA´s). The 320×256 and 640×512 Pixel sized FPA´s operate in the spectral range between 900nm and 1700nm. Also Available: 1 or 2mm … Continue reading

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