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December 2012

Links to Topics(English): Opto-Mechanics Optics Electrons guiding / Detectors Lasers Spectroscopy LED General     ❂ Opto-Mechanics Lightweight Breadboards made out of Carbon, from  Benefits Light Weight Thermal Stability   Clean Room Precision   Damping Flexibility ❂ Optics   Blanks from various Materials, best to buy via IL Photonics: ZnSe, ZnS, Sapphire, Calcite, TeO2, LiNbO3, Zerodur, Ohara glasses, … Continue reading

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November 2012

Links to Topics(English): Cameras; Optics Detectors;  Lasers; Fibers Spectroscopy ❂ Cameras Now available from IL Photonics LWIR 8-12 cameras, with optional temperature software 5Kx5k pixel,   30 frames per second,   8 bit, camera.           ❂ Optics   LiNbO3   and   ТеО2 (paratellurite, tellurium dioxide)   single crystals,   highest quality,   reasonable … Continue reading

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October 2012

  Links to Topics(English): Cameras; Detectors; Lasers; Mass Spectrometry; RAMAN; Environmental Isolation       ❂ Cameras IL Photonics is proud to offer the best service, support and prices   New: Lt425 2048×2048 pixels 8bit 90fps -12bit 45 fps, 13e- Read noise, Global Shutter   Lt225 2048×1024 pixels 8bit 180fps – 12 bit 90 fps, 13e Read noise, Global Shutter   USB 3.0 cameras … Continue reading

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September 2012

שנה טובה וגמר חתימה טובה מכל הצוות של Topics: Vibration Isolation Lasers Test and Measurements Raman Spectroscopy Illumination – Machine Vision Electronics Detectors Optics IL Photonics general news ❂ Vibration Isolation   L Photonics is proud to announce the appointment as local agent of , CA, USA. Herzan is a leader in  high performance environmental solutions for precision research … Continue reading

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August 2012

❂ Lasers    FC-W Laser System   Features: Low cost High power High stability High coupling efficiency Custom-tailored service CNI new developed low cost fiber coupled infrared laser at 1470nm,1532nm, 1550nm and other wavelengths from 639nm to 1900nm. The FC-W series (Fiber Coupled Laser System) have integrated laser diode, fiber coupling optics, laser power supply, LD current and temperature control in ONE box.  It … Continue reading

03-Aug-2012 Newsletters
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