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Using Multispot DOE to Replicate VCSEL Patterns

Many of the latest 3D Mapping and sensing applications are using VCSEL chips with custom emitter arrangements as sources for structured light sensing technologies. These applications benefit from the high spot density over the entire field of view (FOV). Designing specially tailored diffractive optical elements (DOEs), Holo/Or can tile the FOV with a VCSEL pattern by … Continue reading

29-Jan-2019 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics

Germanium Beam Shapers for Mid- to Far-IR Broadband Applications

Germanium (Ge) broadband beam shapers can shape single mode lasers at wavelengths in the mid-IR spectrum to achieve uniform illumination profiles in various shapes including: square, round, line or rectangular. These beam shapers are ideal for MIR/FIR spectroscopy and other projection applications using broad-band MIR sources. Therefore, Holo-Or’s single window beam shapers offer diffraction-limited shaping performance in the entire … Continue reading

29-Jan-2019 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics, Spectroscopy

Medium Power Low-Cost Broadband Diffusers

Broadband Diffusers (BD) are special beam shaping flat-top diffusers. BDs are dedicated to applications where more than a single wavelength is used in the same optical path. Holo/Or designs and manufactures low-cost BD diffusers suitable for mid-power applications (under 2 J/cm2 for nano-second pulses). These BD elements have excellent thermal & environmental properties, similar to their etched fused silica products, … Continue reading

29-Jan-2019 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics

Structured Light DOEs Split or Shape Laser Beams

Holo/Or is launching a brand new product line. By upgrading their production facilities, Holo/Or now offers high-angle, high-quality, high-efficiency Beam Shapers and Beam Splitters DOE, specially designed to cover a large field of view, for applications ranging from 10s of kW to a few mW. Structured light diffractive optical elements (DOE) split or shape a single laser beam to cover a … Continue reading

29-Jan-2019 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics

EOT Provides Custom Solutions

From μW to PW and CW to fs, Electro-Optics Technology’s (EOT) Custom Solutions team provides prompt, innovative solutions to customer requirements not addressed by EOT’s standard product offerings. These solutions may involve modifications to existing EOT products or providing superior performance and capability of existing EOT products. EOT has a high level of vertical integration. … Continue reading

27-Jan-2019 Blog, Electro-Optics Technology (EOT), Optics
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