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Gerard Mourou Visits Light Conversion and Israel

Light Conversion received a visit from the Nobel Prize winner, French scientist and professor Gérard Mourou. Professor Mourou received the Nobel Prize in 2018 for the Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) technology. CPA technology is used for lasers produced in the Lithuanian industry, for example, in PHAROS and CARBIDE lasers manufactured by Light Conversion. Professor Mourou … Continue reading

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Light Conversion Appoints New CEO

There has been a change in management at Light Conversion, a manufacturer of ultrafast lasers and laser systems. After 25 years of running the company, Dr. Algirdas Juozapavičius is assigning the helm to Dr. Martynas Barkauskas. Dr. Algirdas Juozapavičius will continue as adviser to the company’s management. Dr. Algirdas Juozapavičius has been the head of … Continue reading

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IL Photonics Selected in Top 20 List of Photonics Blogs has selected the IL Photonics blog as one of the Top 20 Photonics Blogs, News Websites & Newsletters in 2019. Our blog has been recognized from among thousands of Photonics blogs on the web using search and social metrics as “actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality … Continue reading

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Tailor Laser Intensity Distribution for Greater Versatility

Typically a raw laser beam used for industrial purposes is not the optimal shape for the necessary welding, brazing, soldering or other similar process. The white paper “Adjustable-Function Beam Shaping Methods” explains how a single diffractive optical element combined with manual or automated translation/rotation stages can convert a limited laser machine to a versatile solution … Continue reading

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New Video from EOT Introducing New Products

Electro-Optics Technology (EOT) has released a new video introducing their latest innovative, high quality laser solutions, products and services, including: tornos micro-oscillator tornos broadband oscillator pavos Faraday rotators and isolators high extinction thin film polarizers custom solutions Also see this and their other videos at the EOT channel on YouTube. To request more information or … Continue reading

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