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Measuring Total Thickness Variation with an Interferometer

  Total Thickness variation (TTV), and often wedge, is a specification of optical windows and substrates. There are two methods for measuring TTV: Front-to-Back (left image above) and Direct (right image above). Both methods utilize Fizeau interferometers, a product line of Äpre Instruments. Front-to-Back Measurement TTV can only be calculated if the front and back … Continue reading

16-Apr-2019 Äpre Instruments, Blog, Interferometers, Systems

Using Ultrafast Laser in FT-CARS

A published paper by Hashimoto et al. (2018), entitled “Ultra-Broadband Rapid-Scan Fourier-Transform CARS Spectroscopy with Sub-10-fs Optical Pulses”, leverages the benefits of products from Novanta. The experimental set-up contains a venteon ultra oscillator from Laser Quantum. The paper demonstrates ultra-broadband Fourier-Transform Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (FT-CARS) spectroscopy. The technique spanned over 3000 cm-1, particularly useful … Continue reading

16-Apr-2019 Blog, Laser Quantum, Lasers

EOT Introduces TORNOS Micro Optical Isolator

EOT‘s new TORNOS Micro optical isolator works inside a standard butterfly package diode laser for wide-ranging applications. This configuration reduces the optical feedback that adversely affects performance. EOT’s isolators provide high transmission in the forward direction, while strongly attenuating light traveling in the reverse direction. This feature protects the laser from the destructive effects of … Continue reading

15-Apr-2019 Blog, Electro-Optics Technology (EOT), Optics
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