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EL Inspection Systems Find Breaks in Photovoltaic Modules

Researchers are utilizing greateyes’s high performance electroluminescence (EL) inspection systems to study degradation of solar cells and modules under thermal stress. They want to find breaks in photovoltaic modules. A new publication from Subinoy Roy and Prof. Rajesh Gupta of the Department of Energy Science & Engineering at IIT Bombay Indian Institute of Technology, entitled “Investigation … Continue reading

24-Jun-2019 Blog, Cameras and Imaging, greateyes, Inspection Systems, Systems

Day and Night Laser Targeting Now Possible

Photonis Technologies and CILAS are combining a selection of their products to provide plug-and-play solutions to end-users. The two companies combined CILAS’s Ground Laser Target Designators (GLTDs) with the CMOS Night Observation Device (CNOD) powered by Photonis’s Nocturn. This enables the CNOD to see the laser of the GLTD during day or night. This combination … Continue reading

20-Jun-2019 Blog, Detectors, Lasers, Photonis

Carbide Improved with Higher Pulse Energies and Rep Rates

The largest manufacturer of femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs) and non-collinear OPAs, Lithuania-based company Light Conversion launched their latest  CARBIDE laser product updates. The ultra-compact and cost-efficient CARBIDE features market-leading output parameters along with a robust design, attractive both to industrial and scientific customers. Major industrial customers of CARBIDE operate in display, automotive, LED, medical … Continue reading

20-Jun-2019 Blog, Lasers, Light Conversion

Holo/Or Participates in PROMETHEUS Project

Holo/Or is participating in a new HO2020 framework European laser surface processing project, called PROMETHEUS. This project pushes the boundaries of laser surface texturing technology to a new level! Within this project, Holo/Or will develop a novel, diffractive-based M2 transformation module for high power, short pulse lasers to enable the precise periodic texturing of  functional … Continue reading

19-Jun-2019 Blog, Holo/Or, Lasers, Optics

Improving Image with Sub-Pixel Resolution Detectors

Was your x-ray experiment ever limited by the lower image resolution of scientific CCD cameras? Photograph b above illustrates the improved resolution of the image captured by the Scientific SuperResolution Cameras available from greateyes, as compared to photograph a. A recently published paper about sub-pixel resolution detectors illustrates how to overcome the trade-off between high … Continue reading

19-Jun-2019 Blog, Cameras and Imaging, greateyes
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