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Electron Microscope Acoustic Enclosure Protects Your SEM or TEM

Technological advancements in electron microscopy make operating in a quiet and stable environment necessary. Herzan’s latest acoustic enclosure for electron microscopes ensures maximum protection from disruptive acoustic noise originating from pumps, chillers, and other loud laboratory equipment. Every EM acoustic enclosure can be customized to the electron microscope’s specific requirements and research needs, ensuring the … Continue reading

24-Nov-2019 Blog, Herzan, Optomechanics

Holo/Or Simulates Foci Elements in Optical Systems

For certain applications the intensity distribution along the focal axis is the most important parameter. Among these applications are glass drilling, glass cutting, cytometry, microscopy, and inspection. Holo/Or’s Beam Foci elements are used for such applications, to shape or split the energy along the focal axis. To support customers who are integrating these foci elements, … Continue reading

18-Nov-2019 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics

Watch Laser Quantum’s Two-Photon Microscopy Video

Achieving high resolution and increasing imaging speeds are two critical factors for effective two-photon microscopy. Laser Quantum’s newest animation demonstrates how the helixx laser, with a repetition rate of 250 MHz, is tailored to the decay times of typical fluorophores. This important feature reduces photobleaching and toxicity, while increasing imaging speed and cell view times. … Continue reading

17-Nov-2019 Blog, Laser Quantum, Lasers

Enhancing Two-Photon Microscopy

Two-photon microscopy has many advantages over conventional microscopy including: minimal photo-bleaching effect and sample damage, higher imaging depth of live cells, higher excitation efficiency, and simultaneous excitation of multiple fluorophores with the promotion of autofluorescence. Ultrashort (<10 fs) pulses enhance the two-photon microscopy technique. The peak power for a given average output is much higher … Continue reading

13-Nov-2019 Blog, Laser Quantum, Lasers

A Cost-Efficient Open-Source Laser Engine for Microscopy

Researchers from EBML in Heidelberg and the University of Jena recently published a paper entitled: “A cost-efficient open source laser engine for microscopy”. The abstract of this paper states: “Scientific-grade lasers are costly components of modern microscopes. For high-power applications, such as single-molecule localization microscopy, their price can become prohibitive. Here, we present an open-source … Continue reading

12-Nov-2019 Blog, Laser Quantum, Lasers
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