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Reduced Vibration Noise for Ultra-High Vacuum STM

Case Study Application: Surface Analysis Instrument: Omicron Variable Temperature Ultra-High Vacuum Scanning Tunneling Microscope (VT UHV-STM) Isolation System : Six-module AVI-200S Active Vibration Control System Problem Researchers at the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Newcastle in Australia were facing limitations in the performance of their Omicron Variable Temperature Ultra-High Vacuum Scanning Tunneling Microscope (VT … Continue reading

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New Developments from Superlum Diodes

On February 3, 2020, Superlum Diodes presented two reports about their development of new SLD devices at the “Optical Coherence Tomography and Coherence Domain Optical Methods in Biomedicine XXIV” Conference. In the first report, called “High power low coherent light sources based on superluminescent diodes”, they describe the most recent results on further success in … Continue reading

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Sensor Overview Video from PHILTEC

PHILTEC presents a short video that highlights their standard and customized sensors. PHILTEC engineers typically insert/install these devices into equipment or machinery that may present extreme conditions to the probes. Most applications require some customization of the probes and fiber optic cables. PHILTEC engineers optimize custom sensor designs to achieve best performance in their application. … Continue reading

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Nanosecond Timestamping for Single-Photon-Counting Images

The Mantis3 is a single-photon-counting camera with nanosecond timestamping. The Mantis³ consists of a Timepix3-based visible light camera coupled to a Photonis CricketTM, which contains a high-end image intensifier. The TPX3Cam (produced by Amsterdam Scientific Instruments) is a high-rate, event-driven, timestamping camera. The attached CricketTM image intensifier enables single-photon sensitivity and offers a choice of … Continue reading

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Introducing Holo/Or’s 1X7 MS Multi-Spot Beam Splitter

Many sensitive laser applications in microelectronic and flat panel industries require parallel ablation or scribing of lines on a flat substrate. These sorts of applications often employ Holo/Or’s Multi-Spot Beam Splitter DOEs to create the spots used for the parallel writing, along with a scanner or moving stage. For sensitive applications in the UV and green … Continue reading

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Bentham Introduces P200 Spectrograph

The P200 is an advanced spectrograph that delivers high spectral resolution and seamless integration into a wide range of spectroscopic applications. Because of its compact design, the P200 from Bentham offers excellent optical performance and a fully flat field delivering high spectral resolution across the full band pass. Take control of your spectroscopy wherever you are … Continue reading

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