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New Interface for Nocturn HD-SDI Camera Core

Photonis, world leader in low light vision solutions, releases a new output interface on the Nocturn HD-SDI camera core. This new output interface, the HD BNC, features a quick connect/disconnect system and improved reliability under harsh conditions. This interface enables integration of the Nocturn in many applications. “We keep moving forward towards the demand of our customers’ … Continue reading

27-May-2020 Blog, Cameras and Imaging, Photonis

Fiber Optics in Very High Magnetic Fields

Protection from exposure to high magnetic field requires non-magnetic materials. By jacketing the fiberoptic cable in non-metallic materials, and by constructing the sensor tip from non-metallic or non-magnetic materials, PHILTEC sensors can be configured to perform measurements in very high magnetic fields. Successful applications to 12 Tesla have been made. PHILTEC recently delivered this sensor: … Continue reading

26-May-2020 Blog, Fiber Optics, PHILTEC
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