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Holo/Or Can Adjust a DOE to Provide Different Intensity Distributions

Laser welding is used in a wide range of industrial applications including automotive, aerospace, semiconductors, electronics, medical, power and defense. The raw laser beam is not the optimal shape for many industrial applications in general and especially in the field of welding, brazing, soldering, and other similar processes. Compared to other laser material processing applications, … Continue reading

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New Optics Toolbox from Light Conversion

Light Conversion now provides a handy online multi-tool Optics Toolbox for scientists and engineers. This optic toolbox includes converters, beam properties, geometrical optics, dispersion, nonlinear optics and other tools. To access the Toolbox Dashboard, click here. To request more information or a quotation for Light Conversion products, contact IL Photonics… Continue reading

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Microwave Power Modules for Voice, Data and Video Systems

Microwave Power Modules combine the power and history of vacuum electron devices with the modern advantages of solid-state technologies. This combination creates a small and compact system perfect for a variety land, sea, and air applications. Photonis Defense’s Microwave Power Modules harness the power of miniature traveling wave tubes to create a solution that meets … Continue reading

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A Quantum Microscope That Records the Flow of Light

Prof. Ido Kaminer and team have made a dramatic breakthrough in the field of quantum science: a quantum microscope that records the flow of light, enabling the direct observation of light trapped inside a photonic crystal. Their research, “Coherent Interaction between Free Electrons and a Photonic Cavity,” was published in Nature. All the experiments were performed … Continue reading

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Isolating Mechanical Noise to Measure Casimir Force

Researchers at Boston University needed to isolate mechanical noise from a custom metrology platform, consisting of a MEMs accelerometer. This accelerometer had been re-purposed to perform a sensitive, room temperature measurement of the Casimir force. The Casimir force is a small, pN-scale force that arises between metallic surfaces at < 1 um separation due to … Continue reading

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