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Which Laser for Raman Spectroscopy?

Raman spectroscopy is a non-destructive analytical technique that yields detailed information about the chemical structure, crystallinity, and phase of a sample of matter. It can also be used to investigate various molecular interactions based on the scattering of incident light. Lasers have proven incredibly valuable as light sources for Raman scattering due to their high … Continue reading

29-Oct-2020 Blog, Laser Quantum, Lasers

Measuring Material Homogeneity with SCI

Optical index homogeneity is an important material parameter influencing lens performance. Laser interferometers have painstakingly measured this parameter which requires four separate measurements.  Laser interferometers have either required the use of contact plates with oft times poisonous index matching fluids or polishing a wedge into the test part to isolate the front from the back … Continue reading

28-Oct-2020 Äpre Instruments, Blog, Interferometers, Systems

Pixel Perfect Color

CIE Tristimulus Filters are highly accurate filters with small f1′ errors matching the CIE 1931 Standard Observer. With advanced manufacturing capabilities, Chroma Technology can provide highly accurate shape-fitting of filters to closely match irregular curves and functions. Their catalog CIE Tristimulus filters for colorimetry applications are just one example. Measured Display Common display types include … Continue reading

26-Oct-2020 Blog, Chroma Technology, Optics
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