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Laser Skin Treatment with a Diffractive Element

The use of diffractive optical elements (DOEs) in aesthetic laser treatments is well established in procedures such as fractional skin treatment and tattoo removal. A diffractive element is a flat and compact passive component that has no angular tolerances, making it ideal for integration into aesthetic laser systems. Diffractive optics have many advantages over the alternatives, including … Continue reading

31-Jan-2021 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics

Generating Color Centers with Femtosecond Lasers

Color centers are of high interest in quantum technologies as single-photon sources or spin qubits. Researchers from Australia and Japan have applied PHAROS femtosecond lasers to generate vacancy-related color centers. The work highlights the simplicity and flexibility of laser writing of color center arrays. This research appears in the article:  “Color Centers Enabled by Direct Femto-Second Laser … Continue reading

28-Jan-2021 Blog, Lasers, Light Conversion

Observing the Surface-Enhanced Signal of Water in an Aqueous Dispersion

Researchers from the Polish Academy of Sciences, Lodz University of Technology, and the University of Warsaw use a PHAROS laser from Light Conversion to observe the surface-enhanced (SE) signal of water in an aqueous dispersion of silver nanoparticles. The observation techniques used were spontaneous Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) and Surface-Enhanced Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy (SE-FSRS) processes. This work opens up exciting … Continue reading

26-Jan-2021 Blog, Lasers, Light Conversion, Spectroscopy

Illumination and Clarity in Multiplexing

Leveraging Advanced Light Sources and Detection Devices Fluorescence multiplexing itself is not new, but its power to acquire large amounts of relevant biological information quickly has advanced significantly in the last few years. Do you have questions about multiplexing? Despite its usefulness to correlate multiple elements, many researchers are unfamiliar with recent advances that are … Continue reading

21-Jan-2021 Blog, Chroma Technology, Optics
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