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Refurbished Quantum Sensing Detectors

ID Quantique is proud to offer factory refurbished quantum sensing detectors and electronics at 5% – 40% below original retail price. This stock is comprised of devices used for customer demos, tradeshow displays, internal R&D support, as well as items that have been traded in for credit towards ID Quantique SNSPD systems. These devices include: ID100 Refurbished … Continue reading

July 26, 2021 Blog, Detectors, ID Quantique

Dynamics of a Light Pulse Interacting with Nanosized Objects

Unveiling the spatial and temporal dynamics of a light pulse interacting with nanosized objects opens new ground for understanding nanoscale phenomena. Here, researchers resolve the time-dependent behavior of a single germanium plasmonic antenna in the mid-infrared by measuring the complex optical field response in amplitude and phase with sub-optical-cycle precision, with the promise to extend the observation … Continue reading

July 14, 2021 Blog, Lasers, Light Conversion

View the Clouds of Camelopardalis

Terry Hancock shared a photograph of the “Clouds of Camelopardalis,” which was taken at Grand Mesa Observatory in Purdy Mesa, Colorado in the United States, using Chroma Technology‘s LRGB filters. This photo was taken over 2 days, with a total acquisition time of 5 hours. Chroma manufactures the highest quality astronomy filters with durable, sputtered … Continue reading

July 12, 2021 Blog, Chroma Technology, Optics