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Introducing the BPC300-C Photochromic Contact Lens Spectrophotometer

Bentham Instruments announces the launch of the BPC300-C Photochromic Contact Lens Spectrophotometer. This is a complete solution for the automatic characterization of photochromic (sun-darkening) prescription contact lenses. Multiple samples can be mounted in the temperature controlled water bath housing an automatic lens carousel. The samples are analyzed sequentially and automatically, resulting in machine readable files and human-readable PDF reports of the … Continue reading

31-Oct-2021 Bentham, Blog, Spectroscopic Systems, Systems

Advances in Optical Microscopy Increase Vulnerability of Environmental Noise

Advancements in optical microscopy push the boundaries of what can be seen, while increasing the vulnerability to environmental noise. Overview Optical microscopy utilizes a lens or lenses to observe objects at greater magnification than the human eye can perceive.  The most rudimentary microscopes consisting of just one lens — essentially a magnifying glass — appeared … Continue reading

27-Oct-2021 Blog, Herzan, Optomechanics

Refurbished Quantum Sensing Equipment from IDQ

ID Quantique is proud to offer factory refurbished quantum sensing detectors and electronics at significant savings below original retail price. This stock comprises devices used for customer demos, tradeshow displays, internal R&D support, as well as items that have been traded in for credit towards ID Quantique SNSPD systems. These devices include: ID100-20-REG (175Hz) ID100-50 … Continue reading

26-Oct-2021 Blog, Detectors, Electronics, ID Quantique
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