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greateyes Camera Used in Correlative Microscopy Study

Learn about an application of the GE-VAC In-Vacuum Camera produced by greateyes in a recent study published in the journal “Microscopy and Microanalysis.” The article describing this study is entitled “Laboratory-Based Correlative Soft X-ray and Fluorescence Microscopy in an Integrated Setup.” Here is a synopsis of the article: Correlative microscopy is a powerful technique that combines … Continue reading

30-Nov-2023 Blog, Cameras and Imaging, greateyes

Narrow Dual Band Pass Filters Improve Telecom Networks

Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) is the backbone of fiber-optic telecommunications networks, enabling simultaneous transmission of signals across multiple wavelengths. At the heart of DWDM innovation is Narrow Dual Band Pass Filters (NDBPFs), designed to elevate module performance, while optimizing optical efficiency, channel utilization, and cost considerations. Iridian Spectral Technologies Spectral has pioneered advancements in … Continue reading

28-Nov-2023 Blog, Iridian Spectral Technologies, Optics

Webinar: Developing Your Quantum-Safe Communication Migration Expertise

How can we keep our cybersecurity infrastructure secure for the long-term? How can we mitigate the risks associated with the migration to a quantum-safe environment? How can tomorrow’s telecom network engineers perfect themselves with quantum technologies? If these questions matter to you, or if you simply wish to learn more about quantum-safe security, make sure … Continue reading

26-Nov-2023 Blog, ID Quantique, Security

Beam Splitter Optics for Battery Electrode Laser Texturing

Introduction The electro-mobility revolution is constantly pushing producers to improve battery performance. A process of interest is laser texturing of electrode surfaces, which has shown promise in increasing the discharge/charge speed, reducing degradation, and improving efficiency in car Li-Ion batteries. To be feasible in industrial scale production, laser texturing processes must deliver high throughput, at … Continue reading

22-Nov-2023 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics
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