April 2010

April 2010

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Cameras / Imaging


New 16 bit 4MPx/s cooled camera series, with proprietary sensor management. From 512×512 till 2kx3k sensors are available on this platform.



3nS and 20 ns rise-time driver-power supplies for Gated Image Intensifier tubes are now available at a reasonable price from Photonis (about 1100E for 20nS and about 3 times this amount for the 3ns model).





New The 2010 Optics Price List can be downloaded.






High power VECSL arrays from Princeton can also save money. 60W 808nm Chip on submount VECSL’s seem to beat edge emitting lasers on price. In addition to other benefits such as stable wavelength, symmetric distribution and high reliability.




How to remotely sense displacement of non calibrated surfaces is explained here



More News


The updated CD can be downloaded from our homepage website with download the 600mb 2010 CD Catalog

Featured company (With RM Photonics)



Since 1965, International Light has been solving the inherent difficulties in light measurement through the design and manufacture of a wide range of light measuring instruments, including the most accurate light meters on the market.


Find International Light Technologies light measurement systems based on your application.


Laser Power


Optical Radiation Hazard

Photodynamic Therapy






Plant Photobiology



UV Curing





Light Meters

Full line of precision, configurable digital light meters with a wide-array of available light detectors to measure visible, UV, and infrared light from almost any type of source.



Portable spectrum measurement instrument that easily and accurately measure spectral irradiance from the UV to the infrared.

Belt Radiometers

Rechargeable solid-state detectors to graphically display the performance of each lamp and reflector in your system. Allows for on the spot comparison of the current performance of the system with the base line.



Detectors are used with light meters to collect a specific type of light that the meter is calibrated to accept.


Optical filters are often used with light detectors and meters to attenuate certain wavelengths of light and produce an overall desired detector response.

Input Optics

Input optics change the optical geometry of a measurement in order to collect information about a light source that cannot be acquired by a detector alone.



International Light Technologies offers a wide variety of accessories including tripods, power cords, computer and extension cables, cases and underwater sensor modifications.



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If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don’t include 16% VAT, special actions maybe conditioned as long as in stock or till a certain date. Ask for a quote on any product.


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