Holo/Or Transforms Multi-Mode Laser Beams into Narrow Annular Shapes

Transforming the beam of a highly multi-mode laser into a narrow annular shape with almost single mode diffraction-limited ring width is a potentially useful technique for certain material processing applications, such as drilling and cutting. Holo/Or has published an experimental demonstration of our unique diffractive method of doing this transformation. To read a new article … Continue reading

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Laser Quantum’s Suite of venteon Lasers

The venteon ultrafast laser range is based around short pulse generation and designed to meet individual needs. Working directly with your engineers, Laser Quantum’s venteon lasers are optimised for power, bandwidth and CEP stabilisation. The venteon can be used to meet a range of applications from few-cycle pulse generation and attosecond science to two-photon microscopy. … Continue reading

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C Shape Advanced Beam Shaping for Welding Applications

Holo/Or has ongoing cooperation with international research institutes on developing state of the art industrial laser technologies. During the Tailorweld project, we developed custom C Shape beam shaper elements that improve the welding process. It was found that the C Shape intensity distribution has advantages in the width/depth ratio, reducing oxidation and eliminating hot cracking … Continue reading

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SCI from Apre Measures Optical Domes Faster and More Accurately

Dome optics are the last component in a growing number of imaging and guidance applications. Domes protect the imaging optics from the surrounding environment without degrading optical performance. Therefore the dome’s transmitted wavefront quality is important to control since it directly influences the final image quality. Dome applications include: Underwater cameras Submersibles for robotic and manned … Continue reading

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Nearly Half the World’s Mass Spectrometers Contain Photonis Detectors

Photonis’s highly sensitive and accurate detectors for both positive and negative ions are used in laboratories worldwide . As the market leader in mass spectrometry, Photonis designs and manufactures highly specialized detection and ion transport solutions for nearly half of the world’s mass spectrometers. In addition to supplying the OEMs with our detectors, Photonis provides replacements … Continue reading

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EOT Receives First William M. Steen Award

At this year’s International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics (ICALEO), the Laser Institute conferred the inaugural William M. Steen Award to those that have demonstrated significant innovation in the use of lasers for advanced materials processing across several industries. Electro-Optics Technology (EOT) is proud to announce their winning nomination for the Defense Industry … Continue reading

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Holo/Or’s Polychromatic or Multichannel Broadband Diffuser

Many laser-based systems, especially in the life sciences, projection and projection mapping fields, require the use of more than a single wavelength, high power laser on the same optical path to achieve the desired functionality. To meet this need, Holo/Or has developed the high-power Broadband Diffuser (BD). The BD is a micro-refractive diffuser, specially designed … Continue reading

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