Glass Cutting with Ultra-Short IR Laser Pulses

Laser glass cutting with ultra-short IR pulses is now becoming a key technique for high throughput glass processing. Cutting thick glass (>500 um) using this technique possesses unique challenges, as the laser energy needs to be both focused to a tight spot and spread evenly in the glass depth. To learn more about several solutions … Continue reading

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Method For Laser Source Definition in ZEMAX™

In a recent article, Alexander Brodsky and Natan Kaplan of Holo/Or present “a new method for simulating and optimizing both single and multi-mode lasers in Zemax™ by applying a scattering model.” The abstract of the article follows: By default, optical systems are usually designed for single mode lasers. Nonetheless, many industrial lasers have M2 in … Continue reading

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ZnSe Diffractive Axicons from Holo-Or

Holo/Or now offers an expanded selection of  ZnSe Diffractive Axicons, suitable for ring shaping and Bessel beam generation C02 laser wavelengths. Unlike regular axicons, Holo-Or’s diffractive axicons have no rounded tip area in the center and have absolute divergence angle accuracy, even at very low angles. This gives them the unparalleled shaping quality required for demanding, … Continue reading

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C Shape Advanced Beam Shaping for Welding Applications

Holo/Or has ongoing cooperation with international research institutes on developing state of the art industrial laser technologies. During the Tailorweld project, we developed custom C Shape beam shaper elements that improve the welding process. It was found that the C Shape intensity distribution has advantages in the width/depth ratio, reducing oxidation and eliminating hot cracking … Continue reading

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EOT Receives First William M. Steen Award

At this year’s International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics (ICALEO), the Laser Institute conferred the inaugural William M. Steen Award to those that have demonstrated significant innovation in the use of lasers for advanced materials processing across several industries. Electro-Optics Technology (EOT) is proud to announce their winning nomination for the Defense Industry … Continue reading

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Holo/Or’s Polychromatic or Multichannel Broadband Diffuser

Many laser-based systems, especially in the life sciences, projection and projection mapping fields, require the use of more than a single wavelength, high power laser on the same optical path to achieve the desired functionality. To meet this need, Holo/Or has developed the high-power Broadband Diffuser (BD). The BD is a micro-refractive diffuser, specially designed … Continue reading

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Iridian Expands Filter Capacity

Iridian has recently expanded their filter capacity for the LiDAR sensing application. Their Iridian LiDAR filters feature narrow bandwidth, higher transmission and low angular wavelength shift for wider AOI range. Click on the links for more information about Optical Filters for LiDAR Sensors and Optical Filters for LiDAR Applications. To download their recently published whitepaper … Continue reading

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Iridian Produces SATCOM Optical Filters and Coatings

The desire for low latency, high capacity, secure, uninterrupted internet connectivity everywhere on earth at all times has driven explosive growth in the satellite communications (Satcom) market. Iridian designs and manufactures custom wavelength selective windows and transceiver filters to improve the signal to noise in these systems. Commercial Satcom networks will consist of constellations of … Continue reading

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