EOT Provides Components for HAPLS

Electro-Optics Technology (EOT) supplies many components to the High-Repetition-Rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System (HAPLS) developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Today HAPLS can produce 0.5 petawatt (PW) of power at 3.3 Hz. This is 200,000 times faster than the first petawatt laser. This laser has a repetition rate of up to 10 Hz with a … Continue reading

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Holo/Or Participates in PROMETHEUS Project

Holo/Or is participating in a new HO2020 framework European laser surface processing project, called PROMETHEUS. This project pushes the boundaries of laser surface texturing technology to a new level! Within this project, Holo/Or will develop a novel diffractive-based M2 transformation module for high power, short pulse lasers to enable the precise periodic texturing of  functional … Continue reading

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DeepCleave Cuts Thick Glass Evenly along Focal Depth

Laser glass cutting with ultra-short IR pulses is fast becoming a key technique for high throughput glass processing. Cutting of thick glass (> 500 µm) using this technique possesses unique challenges, as the laser energy needs to be both focused to a tight spot and spread evenly throughout the depth of the glass. To help … Continue reading

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Attend an Optical Coating Design Webinar

Did you miss the Tech Briefs Media Group webinar entitled “Optical Coating Design”? It’s now available on demand. Listen to presenters from Chroma Technology, Edmund Optics and Deposition Sciences delve into topics about thin film coatings. Most precision optics, whether used in scientific, medical, industrial, or military applications, incorporate some type of thin film coating … Continue reading

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40 W Fiber-to-Fiber Broadband Isolators from EOT

Empowered by new materials capability from their FEE division and new optics fabrication, polishing, and coating capabilities, EOT’s Custom Solutions Group is excited to offer our customers this family of high power (40 W) Fiber-to-Fiber Isolators to enable select new laser development efforts. Features include: Broadband Isolation Window for rejected beam Same Face Fiber Input/Output … Continue reading

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New, High Performance, Free Space, 3 kW Faraday Isolators

Applications such as Directed Energy and Materials Processing in the >1 kW regime are now exceeding the limits of current Faraday isolator technology.  Such applications often utilize coherent beam combining from fiber lasers or high aspect ratio Nd slab lasers. At >1 kW, existing Faraday isolators can exhibit both high levels of depolarization due to … Continue reading

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