Photonis Introduces MCP-PMT for LiDAR Applications

Photonis introduces a new high performance Micro-Channel Plate Photomultiplier Tube (MCP-PMT) optimized for LIDAR applications requiring fast timing and high dynamic range. The new Photonis MCP-PMTs enable detection from single photon to few GHz in photon burst mode and few 100 MHz in continuous illumination, thanks to the high linearity properties. Along with the extremely … Continue reading

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Nearly Half the World’s Mass Spectrometers Contain Photonis Detectors

Photonis’s highly sensitive and accurate detectors for both positive and negative ions are used in laboratories worldwide . As the market leader in mass spectrometry, Photonis designs and manufactures highly specialized detection and ion transport solutions for nearly half of the world’s mass spectrometers. In addition to supplying the OEMs with our detectors, Photonis provides replacements … Continue reading

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ID Quantique Receives Impact Award from Unitec

ID Quantique Receives Impact Award from Unitec Since its inception, the technology transfer office of the Université de Genève, Unitec, has demonstrated an instrumental role in transferring technologies from the laboratory towards the marketplace by working with start-up companies as well as existing companies in Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world. On the … Continue reading

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Sensors for Space Telescope Lens Testing

The Euclid Satellite project a good example of how Philtec’s sensors are being used with excellent results in cryogenic conditions. This month Philtec again delivered sensor systems for space telescope lens distortion measurements. These are 2-channel fiber optic displacement sensor systems (see image above) designed for 3.2 mm operation in vacuum. Seven 2-channel sensor systems … Continue reading

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Measuring Cryogenic Turbopump Speed

Background An axial-flow pump, or AFP, is a common type of pump that essen­tially consists of a propeller (an axial impeller) in a pipe. Cryogenic turbopumps (CTP) are the heart of a rocket engine. With today’s generation of reusable heavy launch space vehicles, CTPs supply pressurized subcooled fuel and oxidizer fluids which are mixed and … Continue reading

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