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greateyes’s EL Inspection Systems Detect Breaks in Photovoltaic Modules

A new publication from Subinoy Roy and Prof. Rajesh Gupta of the Department of Energy Science & Engineering at IIT Bombay Indian Institute of Technology, entitled “Investigation and Analysis of Finger Breakages in Commercial Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules under Standard Thermal Cycling Test”, appears in Engineering Failure Analysis, Volume 101. The researchers are utilizing greateyes’s … Continue reading

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How to Increase Image Resolution with Sub-Pixel Resolution Detectors

Was your x-ray experiment ever limited by the lower image resolution of scientific CCD cameras? Photograph b above illustrates the improved resolution of the image captured by the Scientific SuperResolution Cameras available from greateyes, as compared to photograph a. A paper about sub-pixel resolution detectors recently published illustrates how to overcome the trade-off between high … Continue reading

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New Fast GigE Interface for greateyes Cameras

greateyes has now introduced a fast GigE interface to their cameras which offers a number of benefits: Long distance connections and remote camera operation – GigE allows easy implementation of long distance connections between the camera itself and the control PC, which can be even extended with optional fiberoptic converters. Seamless plug-and-play connectivity and multiple … Continue reading

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