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December 2007

New – Products UV Camera (Photocathode based) Video-Microscopes from Streak Tube / Camera with ~200fS resolution CNC parts /molds built to spec (very reasonable price, good quality) FAC, SAC and FAC-SAC from X-RAY Optics Image Intensifier 18mm 25mm and 40mm dia Ion Guides – Maldi Target Electron Generating Arrays CCD Evaluation Board (insert … Continue reading

November 2007

New – Products Capacitor Charging Power Supply Motion Detection Module Temperature Detecting Module More News to visit end November. Please reply to this e-mail with in the subject line “Anteryon” to ask for a meeting. Anteryon is a leading supplier of: INDUSTRIAL OPTICS Aspherical Lens Free-Form Lens Lens Arrays & Matrices Laser Modules Customized … Continue reading

October 2007

New – Products Gated Image Intensifier (including power supply) < 4000 Euro FOB ICCD Engine (tapered) (Many models available from (DEP)) 405nm Laser-diode module at $1700 Holographic concave gratings More News Scientific camera 1024*1024 24x24um, available for evaluation and at discount (40000 NIS including 15.5% VAT). Article on fast camera Large YAG, KTP … Continue reading

September 2007

First, we wish to wish everyone a year with good health, peace and success. New – Products Er: Glass, Nd: Glass Achromatic Wave plates More News Datasheet on the high Q.E. Photomultiplier (45%), ask for your copy. Lower price for Photon Counting Module XD2821 (1136 Euro FOB). New brochure on Solar Simulators Expect soon New … Continue reading

August 2007

New – Products Pockel Cells and drivers for pockel cells Laser Power Meters UV Fiber Light Source Circulator Multimode fiber circulator, the product features low IL (<1.2dB) and high Isolation and Return loss. Laser with Strong polarization 1:300 polarization extinction ration for MO Kerr effect and other applications Update Please find an update product list … Continue reading

July 2007

New – Products Lasers RAMAN 785nm, 980nm, 1064nm SLM from Ultra low Noise perfect for RAMAN ð If you wish to meet a representative of the company in September, please reply to this e-mail with in the subject line “Torsana Visit Request” Pico-Second Lasers 70-80pS, 70mJ @ 1064nm till 15mJ @266nm DPSS 10W 1064nm … Continue reading

June 2007

This Month’s Special Highlights New – Products FTIR Spectrometer – Lab type Spectrometer – Portable Module/engine VECSL’s 650nm, 0.5mW, SM. Optics Sand/Powder Blasted Parts Laser-Diodes Quantum Well Intermixing Laser Technology (high power) USB2 Cameras Infinity Lite Scientific camera below $1k Special offers Ring-light Starting below $250 at qty 30 FEATURED COMPANY Click on the … Continue reading

May 2007

This Month’s Special Highlights   Light sources Calibrated source for C-MOS/CCD sensors/camera testing   LED Backlights (Demo in stock) Diffusive Ring-lights (Demo in Stock) Light-lines Large Web lightning LED Projector   Photomultipliers PMT + VD + HVPS + Amplifier in one compact model   Laser Combiner Couples 2 or more fibers into a fiber … Continue reading

April 2007

This Month’s Special Highlights USB2 Cameras 5Mpx Color cameras from Lumenera at less than $1200 1.3Mpx 30 fps camera from Lumenera at less than $1000 A 1.6Mpx Slow Scan cooled Camera from Available as DEMO Ultra Fast Cameras Streamview LR low cost Ultra fast camera solution Review on Gigaview camera at Ruggedized Transportable … Continue reading

March 2007

Subject: IL Photonics MAR 07 Newsletter   This Month‘s Special Highlights   Fire wire Cameras   A 2048X2048 Cooled CCD camera at $8390 (uncooled at $6395) A 1600X1200 Cooled CCD camera at $6890 (uncooled at $4895) A 640*480 uncooled CCD camera at $1945 (frame-rate 75 fps)   Streak Tubes From   Laser-Diodes Pulsed Laser diodes at 1550nm … Continue reading

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