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December 2010

Telecom – Fiber Passive components from are now exclusively distributed by IL Photonics.   ❊CWDM Mux/Demux OADM up till 16 channels ❊DWDM Mux/Demux OADM ❊PLC-Splitters up till 2×64 ❊Fiber Array ❊PM ❊splitters/couplers/Isolators/Circulators/WDM/Filter ❊MEMS VOA + Switch     Tap Photodiode High Power: Collimator, PM Collimator, Isolator, FWDM, PM Isolator             Cameras CCD … Continue reading


November 2010

TM how know with Photonics IL subscription your for Thanks PHOTONICS :highlights months This Profilers Beam / Cameras large for, s’CCD 35mm on based profilers Beam offers Cinogy .analyses beam the determines This. Cinogy from available tool M2 quality new A .planes various in profile beam the measuring by accurately M2 Lasers .Photonics IL from … Continue reading


September 2010

Thanks for your subscription   לשנה טובה תכתבו ותחתמו Wishing you all a great year   This Month�s Highlights   Optics Overstock and custom Optics   Partial list of top-quality items with more than 100 pieces in stock for each of them, from SLS (from the Isle of Man), a complete list can be viewed … Continue reading


May 2010

Thanks for your subscription   Optics   New Laser-line filters series from 320nm till 1591nm. Over 400 different types are available, many with more than 90% peak transmission guaranteed.   Beam Expanders for 532nm, 1064nm and 10600nm starting at about $275 FOB. Cameras / Imaging /Detectors   New Beam Profilers from . -From 110nm-1600nm and 10600nm. -Fastest high resolution in the … Continue reading


April 2010

Thanks for your subscription   Cameras / Imaging   New 16 bit 4MPx/s cooled camera series, with proprietary sensor management. From 512×512 till 2kx3k sensors are available on this platform.     3nS and 20 ns rise-time driver-power supplies for Gated Image Intensifier tubes are now available at a reasonable price from Photonis (about 1100E for 20nS and about … Continue reading


March 2010

Thanks for your subscription and Chag Sameach   Cameras   Complete Streak Camera�s are now available from Photonis, as per this datasheet and website. Optics   1×25 beam splitter for 1064nm with separation angle of 0.112 degrees, 25mm dia from Holo-Or   1×19 beam splitter for 1064nm with separation angle of 0.15 degrees, 25mm dia from Holo-Or     Detectors International light introduces the improved … Continue reading

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