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Holo/Or’s Polychromatic or Multichannel Broadband Diffuser

Many laser-based systems, especially in the life sciences, projection and projection mapping fields, require the use of more than a single wavelength, high power laser on the same optical path to achieve the desired functionality. To meet this need, Holo/Or has developed the high-power Broadband Diffuser (BD). The BD is a micro-refractive diffuser, specially designed … Continue reading

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EQE/IQE Testing of Photovoltaic Devices

In this era of renewable energy and space exploration, harnessing the solar energy is becoming increasingly important. As a result, different material systems are being employed, new designs implemented and systems tailored for use specific environments. The PVE300 photovoltaic QE system produced by Bentham is an essential tool in PV research and production line quality … Continue reading

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greateyes Launches ELSE, a New Low-Noise Deep-Cooling Camera Series

Straight out of Berlin comes the ELSE camera series, greateyes’s new platform for your spectroscopy and imaging applications in the UV-VIS-NIR range. ELSE integrates cutting-edge low-noise electronics and ultra-deep cooling technology, while keeping a compact camera design. Multiple readout speeds can be selected supporting pixel rates from 50 kHz up to 4 MHz. True 18-bit … Continue reading

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Development of a Terahertz Cyclotron Resonance Spectrometer

In a video, Dr. Darren Graham explains the development of the terahertz cyclotron resonance spectrometer at the Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester. Cyclotron resonance has been about since the 1960’s and the technique has led to the development of new semiconductor materials, producing light-emitting diodes and transistors. In order to perform the techniques, you … Continue reading

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How to Achieve High Resolution and Faster Sampling in Microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy is a continually developing tool for imaging biological samples; however, the same challenges are faced throughout the microscopy world: High-resolution levels Faster sampling rates Lattice light-sheet microscopy (LLSM) is a technique that employs scanning a sample as a plane of laser light. A second excitation lens is placed on a perpendicular axis to … Continue reading

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Iridian Expands Filter Capacity

Iridian has recently expanded their filter capacity for the LiDAR sensing application. Their Iridian LiDAR filters feature narrow bandwidth, higher transmission and low angular wavelength shift for wider AOI range. Click on the links for more information about Optical Filters for LiDAR Sensors and Optical Filters for LiDAR Applications. To download their recently published whitepaper … Continue reading

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