Sumix and 3M Introduce New Expanded Beam Optical Connector

Sumix and 3M Introduce New Expanded Beam Optical Connector

Sumix Corporation announces its collaboration in support of the introduction and implementation of the new 3M™ Expanded Beam Optical Connector. Sumix developed and introduced a new adapter for the industry leading Manta-W+ fiber inspection microscope to effectively inspect and test the new connector end face.

The 3M™ Expanded Beam Optical Connector is based on a revolutionary expanded beam ferrule and connector design that combines high performance with reduced sensitivity to dust, compared with PC (Physical Contact) type connectors. But even the best connector must be effectively inspected to confirm that it is clean and not damaged. 3M is developing an ecosystem for its new Expanded Beam Optical Connector System and is announcing its collaboration with Sumix to develop dedicated adapters along with pass or fail criteria for inspection of 3M connectors. The Manta-W+ with new adapters and software will help ensure that data center, laboratory, and manufacturing customers can implement the new connector system efficiently and quickly.

“We’ve reimagined fiber optic connectors,” said Nick Stacey, Ph.D., global laboratory manager at 3M. “Working with inspection tool specialist Sumix will help us enable scalable deployment.”

“Sumix is always at the forefront of the latest technological advances, rapidly engineering and offering innovative inspection solutions for every available connector type in the industry,” said Farhad Towfiq, Sumix President. “We also work with our customers to develop custom solutions, including specialized adapters and developing software with industry standard or customized pass/fail criteria.”

The Manta-W+, part of Sumix’ proven, industry standard platform of fiber scopes including SMX-Manta, SMX-Manta+, and Scopio series, can be used as both a probe and a benchtop microscope, applicable for field use, as well as lab and manufacturing. Manta-W+ supports all standard connector ferrule types including MPO, LC, SC, SMA, E2000™, AVIM™, Mini-AVIM™, and many more, both patch cords and bulkhead, with an extensive selection of interchangeable tips available.

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