Attend an Optical Coating Design Webinar

Attend an Optical Coating Design Webinar

Did you miss the Tech Briefs Media Group webinar entitled “Optical Coating Design”? It’s now available on demand. Listen to presenters from Chroma Technology, Edmund Optics and Deposition Sciences delve into topics about thin film coatings.

Most precision optics, whether used in scientific, medical, industrial, or military applications, incorporate some type of thin film coating to enhance their capabilities. This one-hour technical webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media delves into the more popular types of coatings, what they do, and how they’re applied.

Topics covered by this webinar include:

  • Sputter deposition of optical coatings (sputtered hard-coatings have high density, purity, and durability — properties needed for the most demanding applications of optical coatings/filters, including advanced fluorescence microscopy and multi-spectral imaging and remote sensing).
  • The basic process for reactive magnetron sputtering of optical coatings, including coating chamber configuration for executing complex thin film stack designs.
  • Considerations when requesting difficult optical coatings, including Raman edge filters, multiband filters, high AOI tolerance filters, high-transmission/square-wave bandpass filters, full-dielectric mirrors, and photometry filters closely matched to CIE color-standard functions.
  • How stress considerations play a role in coating designs for applications in aggressive environments or on exotic materials.
  • Laser optics coating design: Considerations for High LDT and Ultrafast applications.
  • Designing coatings applied onto metal substrates.
  • How lasers and vision systems often employ components having unusual shapes and geometries in order to meet the relentless drive to reduce cost and improve performance.
  • The Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) coating process that specifically enables coating of highly curved and oddly shaped optics.

An audience Q&A is included.

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