DeepCleave Cuts Thick Glass Evenly along Focal Depth

DeepCleave Cuts Thick Glass Evenly along Focal Depth

Laser glass cutting with ultra-short IR pulses is fast becoming a key technique for high throughput glass processing. Cutting of thick glass (> 500 µm) using this technique possesses unique challenges, as the laser energy needs to be both focused to a tight spot and spread evenly throughout the depth of the glass. To help customers overcome this challenge, Holo/Or is proud to present DeepCleave, a glass cutting optical module with tight focusing (< 2 µm spot) over a large depth of focus (> 1 mm in air).

DeepCleave intensity profile image

This module is a complete solution for cutting applications with no need for external high NA objectives! This unique elongated focus optical element was developed to improve the laser glass cutting efficiency and is SM1 compatible to enable easy integration into your laser machine.

Why you should use the DeepCleave glass cutting product:

  • Tight, diffraction-limited focusing over > 1 mm range
  • Uniform intensity along the entire focal depth
  • Easy to integrate with existing opto-mechanics
  • > 8 mm working distance, no need for additional optics
  • Full depth glass cut from single pulse
  • Complete solution in a single module
  • Very low aberrations level- spot diameter < 2 µm

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