Iridian Expands Filter Capacity

Iridian has recently expanded their filter capacity for the LiDAR sensing application. Their Iridian LiDAR filters feature narrow bandwidth, higher transmission and low angular wavelength shift for wider AOI range. Click on the links for more information about Optical Filters for LiDAR Sensors and Optical Filters for LiDAR Applications. To download their recently published whitepaper … Continue reading

September 25, 2019 Blog, Optics

Herzan Introduces Latest Vibration Isolation Table TS-C30

The TS-C30 active vibration isolation table is the latest innovation from the TS Series, offering substantial active vibration isolation performance for researchers operating compact, nanoscale microscopes. The TS-C30 is also Herzan’s most affordable active vibration isolation table available, delivering greater value for researchers requiring low-frequency vibration isolation and a slate of features directly benefiting their … Continue reading

September 25, 2019 Blog, Motion Control, Optomechanics

Iridian Produces SATCOM Optical Filters and Coatings

The desire for low latency, high capacity, secure, uninterrupted internet connectivity everywhere on earth at all times has driven explosive growth in the satellite communications (Satcom) market. Iridian designs and manufactures custom wavelength selective windows and transceiver filters to improve the signal to noise in these systems. Commercial Satcom networks will consist of constellations of … Continue reading

September 24, 2019 Blog, Optics

Photonis X-Ray Imager to Study the Earth’s Magnetic Field from the Moon

Photonis has provided Micro Pore Optics (MPO) that will be used in an X-ray imager designed by Boston University professor and engineer Brian Walsh to study Earth’s magnetosphere. As part of NASA’s Artemis lunar program, Photonis’s MPO X-ray collimator is being used on The Lunar Environment heliospheric X-ray Imager (LEXI). LEXI is one of 12 … Continue reading

September 19, 2019 Blog, Cameras and Imaging, Detectors

Latest PLIM Research Released

A recent scientific paper published in the Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences by The Core Imaging Facility at the University of Ulm investigates the use of fast-repetition-rate, fs-pulsed lasers to advance phosphorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (PLIM). PLIM is traditionally performed with 80 MHz Ti:Sapphire lasers; however, this paper highlights the successful application of  250 … Continue reading

September 19, 2019 Blog, Lasers