ISR300-PSL Accurately Evaluates Blue Light Hazard

ANSES (The French National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Labor) has published an update (French document) of its 2010 expertise on the health effects of LEDs, in light of new scientific knowledge available. The report confirms the toxicity of blue light on the retina and highlights the disturbance of biological rhythms and sleep. What … Continue reading

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New Fast GigE Interface for greateyes Cameras

greateyes has now introduced a fast GigE interface to their cameras which offers a number of benefits: Long distance connections and remote camera operation – GigE allows easy implementation of long distance connections between the camera itself and the control PC, which can be even extended with optional fiberoptic converters. Seamless plug-and-play connectivity and multiple … Continue reading

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Using Selective Laser Sintering for Healthcare Applications

The latest newsletter from Access Laser discusses applications of the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) method of Additive Manufacturing (AM) for the healthcare industry. SLS uses a bed of small plastic, glass or ceramic particles and a laser to fuse those beads together into layers of solid material forming 3-dimensional objects. This process is an ideal … Continue reading

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Attend an Optical Coating Design Webinar

Did you miss the Tech Briefs Media Group webinar entitled “Optical Coating Design”? It’s now available on demand. Listen to presenters from Chroma Technology, Edmund Optics and Deposition Sciences delve into topics about thin film coatings. Most precision optics, whether used in scientific, medical, industrial, or military applications, incorporate some type of thin film coating … Continue reading

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LED Streetlighting: Holy Grail or Unfit for Purpose?

A short informative article entitled “LED Streetlighting: Holy Grail or Unfit for Purpose?” by Fred Bass appears on The Light Review website. Focusing on the topics of color range and lighting control, this article reviews some successes, benefits and shortcomings of LED streetlights in light of research, public opinion and legislation. To read the complete … Continue reading

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40 W Fiber-to-Fiber Broadband Isolators from EOT

Empowered by new materials capability from their FEE division and new optics fabrication, polishing, and coating capabilities, EOT’s Custom Solutions Group is excited to offer our customers this family of high power (40 W) Fiber-to-Fiber Isolators to enable select new laser development efforts. Features include: Broadband Isolation Window for rejected beam Same Face Fiber Input/Output … Continue reading

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New 9 mm TOSA SLDs at 840 nm from SUPERLUM

At the upcoming Laser World of Photonics in Munich, Germany, SUPERLUM Diodes will introduce a new product: miniature uncooled fiber-pigtailed TOSA superluminescent diodes (SLDs), based on standard TO9 cans. SLDs provide output power up to 2.5 mW ex SM fiber and 20-22 nm-wide bell-like spectrum at up to +60 °C case temperature. Various custom options, … Continue reading

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