Our business is in promoting quality Optical components and equipment in the Photonics and Fiber Optics space in Israel. We are thrilled to help make your project successful.


IL Photonics staff offers accurate, detailed, well organized and reliable information. The sales and service team is well educated and experienced in Photonics in general and lasers in particular.


The high quality of technical assistance we provide includes: define specifications, installations, order follow up, trouble-shooting, servicing.

Numbers Don't LieIL Photonics Inside

Our motto “Photonics with Know How” means we truly offer the best solution for the application.

The knowledge, experience, deep understanding combined with integrity and commitment to our customers together accomplish this. It helped to bring many of our customers turn their basic ideas to successful companies, and also reach a high success rate in projects of well established companies.

250Companies as Clients
5000Customers serviced
7Languages Supported
15Years of Activity

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ILPhotonics.com @ILPhotonics
IL Photonics will exhibit on the https://t.co/EYJNc0Tv8p / https://t.co/n2Wl65fIGW exhibition , 26-27 of May, 2020, in Expo Tel Aviv
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ILPhotonics.com @ILPhotonics
7J nS compact laser. Small Footprint (~60% smaller than comparable products) Excellent Short and Long Term Stabili… https://t.co/FIMtaVd0xk
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ILPhotonics.com @ILPhotonics
Up till 150mJ/Pulse 10 Hz nS, without water cooling. https://t.co/V9xJcMUXQ5
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