New High Power Tunable Bandpass Filters from EOT

Electro-Optics Technology (EOT) now offers a family of tunable bandpass filters. Whether for use in a lab setting or for hgiht volume OEM applications, these filters provide robust and accurate performance at a cost-effective price. EOT offers high stability PI or PM operation over a wide spectral range. Features include: High power handling Independent adjustability … Continue reading

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CNI Lasers for LiDAR Applications

Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) is a method of measuring distance, by irradiating a target with a pulse laser and then measuring the reflected pulse with a sensor. Different laser return time and wavelength can be used to make a digital 3D representation of the target. LiDAR is sometimes called 3D laser scanning, which is a … Continue reading

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Laser Quantum Introduces axiom 660 Integrated, High Power CW Laser

Laser Quantum’s new axiom 660 laser has a new architecture that delivers high CW power whilst incorporating all of the active optics within the laser lead. The axiom lends itself to easy integration into equipment due to its ultra-compact power supply unit, without the complexities associated with fibre delivery. The axiom 660 is ideally suited to a range of applications including … Continue reading

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Spectrally Controlled Interferometry from Apre

Fizeau Interferometry without Back Reflections! Do confused interference fringes frustrate your ability to make plates and prisms? Finally there is a better way, without the hassle of painting, greasing or taping the back surface. a better way, without the hassle of painting, greasing or taping the back surface. Äpre’s Spectrally Controlled Interferometry (SCI) based interferometers … Continue reading

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New Compact and Modular Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer from PicoQuant

The FluoTime 250 integrates all essential optics and electronics for time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy in a compact, fully automated device. This spectrometer is designed to assist the user in carrying out routine as well as complex measurements easily and with high reliability thanks to fully automated hardware components and a versatile system software featuring wizards providing … Continue reading

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Interferometer for Micro Optics Process Control

Small, in a BIG way! Improve your optics performance, while lowering cost with this interferometer for micro optics control from Apre Instruments. Features include: Easy-to-use 6 mm aperture, S6|HR: 500 µm to 6 mm optics. 4.2 Megapixel camera, for 16 µm resolution. Spectrally Controlled Interferometry (SCI): No back reflections. Easy setup in long coherence mode. Production … Continue reading

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Full Surround Projection Module

360 degrees of pattern projection is now at your fingertips with Holo/Or‘s latest projection module. Our module can project dots or lines pattern at 360 x 70 degrees Field of View (FOV), with no Zero Order at all! Completely eye-safe, with high thermal resistance, and providing a full mapping all around, this module is a perfect match for autonomous … Continue reading

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Using Multispot DOE to Replicate VCSEL Patterns

Many of the latest 3D Mapping and sensing applications are using VCSEL chips with custom emitter arrangements as sources for structured light sensing technologies. These applications benefit from the high spots density over the entire field of view (FOV). Designing specially tailored diffractive optical elements  (DOEs), Holo/Or can tile the FOV with a VCSEL pattern by replicating … Continue reading

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