April 2005

April 2005

Dear Photonics Professionals


In March


We added to our portfolio:


–                     NLO Crystals, Laser Crystals and Q-Switch Crystals from www.crystech.com

–                     High-Power Laser-Diodes from www.hpdinc.com

–                     He-Ne Lasers from www.opmount.com.tw


Our existing suppliers announced:


–         An additional 18% introductory discount on Opto-Mechanics from www.opmount.com.tw till31/12/05

–         A new 200 pages Hard Copy catalog of Opto-Mechanics and Optics including a price-list. Please reply to this message and write in the subject field: “Mail hard copy Opto-Mechanics Catalog”.

–          The new catalog is also available in PDF format. Please reply to this message and write in the subject field: “E-Mail PDF Opto-Mechanics Catalog” or “Mail PDF Opto-Mechanics Catalog”.

–         A 15 LED-Array with 175 Lm / 1150mW Radiant power from www.norluxcorp.com.

–         A diffractive Top-Hat generating element for 800nm Lasers from www.holoor.co.il as inwww.optics.org/press/8547


We further upgraded:


– Our site www.ilphotonics.com . Enjoy the better look and additional information.


An updated product list has been attached for your reference.


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