April 2006

April 2006

Dear Photonics Professionals


In the past Month


We added to our portfolio:


–         Laser-Diode Modules with small focal spots.


Our existing suppliers announced:


–         1*9 transceivers, SFF, SFP, dual connectors or Bidi, applied in Ethernet, PDH/SDH/SONET/CWDM, FTTX/CCTV  from www.staropto.com

–         2.5Gbps SFP, including Bidi from www.staropto.com

–         RoHS compliance from www.staropto.com

–         1064nm Top-Hat set from www.holoor.co.il as perhttp://www.optics.org/optics/Products/ViewProduct.do?productCode=P000000536

–         1X7 MM coupler from www.lightcomm.com

–         ASE Ultra stable light-source from www.lightcomm.com

–         3 posters on Resistive Glass products resistive glass Ion optics and High Pressure detectors from www.burle-eo.com released at the Pittcon and available from IL Photonics in PDF form. Please reply to this message with: “Send Burle posters”.


NEW at IL Photonics:


Our upgraded site is almost ready and you may view it at www.ilphotonics.com


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