April 2008

April 2008

IL Photonics APR08 Newsletter

New – Products

1064nm Photon Counters

A new series optimized for 900-1150nmavelength InGaAsP/InP avalanche photodiode (APD) based


Multi color LED array

9 wavelength emit with a 3mm dia


Laser-Diode to fiber coupled

Inexpensive solution of Laser-Diodes coupled to fibers 630-1700nm (from 1mW to several watts)


Laser-Diode Module

Inexpensive Laser diode modules.


Small Solar Simulator

At about $6000 you can be the proud owner of a small solar simulator.


Large Sapphire parts at unbeatable quality and price.


High-Power Super luminescent Diode with a Record-Breaking 60-nm Spectral Width, SLD-35-HP

New Product Line of Swept Wavelength, Widely Tunable Laser Sources
The Broad sweeper BS-840, the first product in this line, is based on an amplifier that provides a tuning range of 50 nm in an 820-870 nm spectral band without changing any laser parts.

Lumenera’s NEW 32 Megapixel CCD Pixel Shifting Camera

Lumenera is pleased to introduce the new INFINITYX-32 pixel shifting camera, specifically designed for customers in the clinical, life and material science fields. This complete imaging solution is an extraordinary tool for professionals who require:

  • Extremely high multi-mega pixel resolution
  • Sub-pixel detail
  • Precise color accuracy
  • High sensitivity
  • 12-bit data
        • Low noise levels

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Featured Company




We have in Israel from Crystech many satisfied customers buying many 1000’s of various elements. They offer excellent quality, in time deliveries and very reasonable prices. It is clearly one of the more professional manufacturers of Optics in China.


Crystech has advanced coating machines from Veeco and Leybold and quality control equipment from Zygo, Perkin Elmer, Olympus and others.




In addition to their Know How in coating, they have an excellent capacity of making flat optical components such as light-guides and filters, cubes, beam splitters etc.


The Product Families Offered, including many standard elements:










A Selection of test equipment of Crystech:



If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don’t include 15.5% VAT, Ask for a quote on any product.

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