August 2005

August 2005

Dear Photonics Professionals,

In July

We added to our portfolio:

–         DPSS  SLM 20-50mW 532nm from

–         Laser Diodes and Silicon Photodiodes from CDH

Our existing suppliers announced:

–         A 11 Mega Pixel camera from

–         Infinity 3-1 cooled 1280-1024 pixel camera from

–         Low ripple Edge filters from .

–         3 wavelength Notch filters 488-532-632.8nm in the same filter from

Further News from IL Photonics

IL Photonics co-sponsors the Electro-optical meeting on Nov 20th-December 1 in Beer Sheva and exhibits there.

Valuable information including an index of refraction calculator, for many materials at specific wavelength and temperatures can be found at

An invitation for the international workshop on Optronics (Instead of an updated product list), has been attached for your reference.

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