September 2008

September 2008

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O for Optics and/or Opto mechanics

C for Cameras and/or Image Intensifiers

L for light sources (lasers/LED/Lamps/Solar Simulators)

X for X-Ray

S for Spectroscopy

F for Fibers (non telecom)

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T Telecom related fibers and detectors

P Protection Eyewear


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High Precision corner cubes:


Beam Deviation



5 arc sec



2 arc sec



5 arc sec



8 arc sec


ZnSe Rework

Simply send us your old ZnSe optics and we will quote to rework them to our normal specifications.


Low Price and Ultra High Precision Penta Prism

Hexagonal Pattern

Hexagonal pattern generator from Holo-or as per



Kinematic mounts high quality at attractive prices





1k x 1k Camera at 2000 fps.


Ultra- Small

1/4″ USB2, VGA camera, reasonable prices




Green Enhanced InGaAs

Limited amount of free samples available. You can reply to this e-mail with in the subject line “green-InGaAs sample”


Laser Diodes



635-650nm 5-10mW.




Coupler Product Family 

1. Dual Window wideband Coupler (1310/1550nm)

2. Three-Window Coupler (1310/1490/1550nm)

3. All Band Coupler (1260-1620nm)

4. Mini Size Single Mode Coupler (2.4×22, 2.4×25, 3.0x30mm)

5. Mini Size Monolithic Single Mode Coupler

1×3, 3×3, 1×4 4×4 Monolithic Single Mode Coupler (3×30, 3×40, 3x54mm)

1×3, 1×4 Monolithic Dual Window Coupler (3×30, 3×40, 3x54mm)

 6. Multimode fiber coupler

1×2, 2×2, 1×3 1×4 Monolithic Multi-mode Coupler 

 7. Coupler Module

    1×4, 1×8, 1×16, 1×32, 1×64 Tree and Star Dual Window Coupler Module  

   Coupler Splitter Module (19 Inch Rack, LGX Box)


9. Fused WDM 

 1310/1550nm WDM,

 1310/1550nm High Isolation WDM with steel tube and ABS box


Filter WDM Family

1.1271~1611nmCWDM-1ch, 4ch, 8ch, 16ch

3. 3 Port Filter WDM device

1310/1550, 1480/1550, 980/1550, 980/1060, 850/1310, 1310/1550/1625nm

 C/L band WDM, R/B band WDM

4. Optical add / drop module

   100Ghz, 200Ghz OADM


5. FTTX Triplex Filter WDM 1310/1490/1550nm


PLC splitter Family

1. PLC Splitter 1×4, 1×8, 1×16, 1×32

2. PLC Splitter module (19” rack, LGX box, ABS box)


Featured Company

OP Mount Instrument Inc. is the first optical manufacturer found in Taiwan and has been established and developed for 16 years. They offer various Opto-Mechanical products. You can ask your hard-copy by replying to this e-mail and write in the subject line: “Opmount catalog”. You can also forward us a list of items from another manufacturer and we will be happy to bid against it.









































If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don’t include 15.5% VAT, Ask for a quote on any product.

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