August 2011

August 2011





fS mJ lasers from Lightcon as in




collinear optical parametric amplifier of white-light continuum as in


are now represented in Israel by IL Photonics.



Ho:YAG 2.09um laser systems with  50mJ at 100 Hz, 20ns laser




 Variable attenuators.

Circular or square.

from OD0 till OD2 or OD3.

For open space optical applications




EOT’s Faraday Rotator/Isolator products, price update expected due to increase of rear earth metal prices.



Other Light Sources


Class AAA Solar simulator series Sun 3000, from 55×55 till 210x210mm



Metal Halide Light source for  Fluorescence Microscopy application, available for evaluation.  If you wish to receive the light source for a week evaluation, please send us an e-mail within the subject line:  “evaluation request PF”

More power and stable output make the PhotoFluor II the perfect light source for quantitative live cell imaging. With a 1600-hour lamp life and a pre-aligned light engine, the performance of the PhotoFluor II often exceeds that of a 100W mercury lamp.

A Free calendar of Yad Sara can be requested by sending an e-mail to within the subject line “Calendar”



Fiber Optics displacement sensors


For Non-Contact measurements of Distance, Displacement  and vibrations.


In case you need to measure distances/vibrations/displacements in hard to reach areas fiber-optics sensors are likely the solution. Philtec is considered word leader in this field with excellent accuracy and resolution. There exist a long list of standard modules and available options, and Philtec is also flexible with accommodating to  the specific needs of a customer.


Look for more details in the Application Notes below or in the brochure and more info on applications in vacuum in this .


 Aerospace Applications
 Fiber Optic Probe Tips Can Be Polished On Angles To Bend Light As Needed
 Compressor Blade Vibrations Measured with High Slew Rate Sensor – ppt presentation
 Connectors Permit Removal and/or Replacement of Fiberoptic Tips and Cables
 3 Examples of Cryogenic Applications
 Slip-Stick and the Evolution of Frictional Strength for Earthquake Prediction
 Side-viewing Is Combined with End Viewing Fiberoptics To Measure Turbine Blade Tip Clearance
 4 Notes Illustrate Measurements To Glass: Edge Detection, Encoder Discs, Thick Glass, and Contoured Glass Inspection
 Hard Disc Drive Wobble Is Measured
 For Exposure To 1200 psi
 For Exposure To 482°C
 The Sensor Tip Is Submerged In Fluid. How Will The Sensor Respond?
 The Sensor Tip Is Submerged In Fluid. How Will The Sensor Respond?
 How to Determine the Optimum Distance Between the Printhead and the Paper
 Use Fiberoptics When Intrinsic Safety Is Required
 Standard Fiberoptic Cabling is 3 Feet Long. Some Models Can Be Fitted With 49 Foot Cables
 Sensor Options For Measurements In High Magnetic Fields
 Philtec Sensors Contribute To The Success of the 2003 NASA/JPL Mars Rover Mission
 Philtec’s Complete Line of Fiberoptic Passthru Solutions are presented for Low, Medium and Ultra-High Vacuum Applications
 How To Extend Operating Ranges With Offset and Gain Options
 RC vs. D Models with Target Misalignment
 Gap Sensors For MRI Applications
 A Vacuum Passthru For 8 Sensor Channels Is Space Saving and Cost Effective
 Small Fiberoptic Sensors Are A Good Choice For Missing Parts Inspection
 Top-Dead-Center Piston Position of IC Engines is Measured
 Effects of Gamma Radiation are Discussed
Shows How Changing Target Reflectivity Effects D Type Sensor Output
Shows How RC Type Sensors Respond To Specular and Diffuse Reflective Targets
The Effectiveness of Reflectance Compensation Is Demonstrated
How To Avoid Reflection Interference
Use Retro-Reflective Tape To Enhance Sensor Performance
High Speed Shaft Runout Measurements Are Made With Right Angle Probes
How To Make Accurate Measurements To Textured Surfaces
Side-Viewing Sensors Are Used To Capture Dynamic Measurements In Tight Spaces
Side-Viewing Sensors Are Used To Measure Shaft Orbit & Vibrations In Tight Spaces
Temperature Stabilized Amplifiers Are Recommended Where Long term Stability is Required.
The Target Is A Potted Resin In Vacuum and High Magnetic Field
Sensor Tip Orientation Is Critical With Small Moving Targets
Single-Port Weldable Vacuum Passthru Fitting
Small Valve and Diesel Engine Valve Applications Are Discussed
If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don’t include 16% VAT,

special actions maybe conditioned as long as in stock or till a certain date. Ask for a quote on any product.

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