August 2013

August 2013

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 IL Photonics started to rep




making fast and Multi-MPixel cameras


Some Examples:


25 MPx 60 fps


12 Mpx 120 fps


And many more high quality cameras now available.


 Read Out Integrated Circuits (ROIC)


towards customer specifications of


CMOS CCD inGaAs or HgCdTe sensors


 POE = Power over Ethernet


board level cameras now available


from Smartek,


with existing and new models

New Models Overview


532nm Lower noise


now with finesse pure


For >10W the noise spec


is now 0.02% rms and


power stability 0.5%rms.

 Single longitudinal mode


blue laser: 457 nm


Power: 1-300mW


Spectral linewidth: 0.00001 nm


M2: <1.2


Noise amplitude (rms 20Hz-20MHz): <0.5%



Aspheric glass optics,


high precision


large apertures


now available from IL Photonics.



 Great new 300mm monochromator,


Enables SNR at 20000:1.


Stray light rejection < 10-6,


great for materials science (solid samples, powders).



New Photon Counter


high quantum efficiency


large active area: s: –


Quantum efficiency up to:


60% @650nm

80%@800nm –


500um active area


Infrared photon counter with lower noise

The InGaAs/InP photon counter is now available with a lower dark count rate.

Additionally, three different options can be enabled or not in order to offer the functionalities you need at the best price




 Metal Alloy type Eyewear


for patients

at good prices available from IL Photonics




OP Mount Instrument Inc. is the first opto-mechanics company in Taiwan found in 1984 and has established for more than 25 years. Today, OP Mount has become one of the most prominent opto-mechanics manufacturers in Taiwan, with 30 professional dedicated staffs in our Chung-Li City head quarter and another service office in Shenzhen Mainland China

The 6 main manufacturing lines include:
Optical Table / Stage / Optics Mount / Post & Components / Motion System / Education System.


Optical Tables
Non-Isolating Frames
Active Isolators
Honeycomb Breadboards
LTA-series Active Isolators
Linear Stages(X,XY,XYZ)
Fiber Stages
Vertical Stages
Rotary Stages
Tilt Stages
Kinematic Mounts
Adaptors & Beam Steerers
Gimbal Mounts
Fixed Lens Mounts
Stainless Steel Mounts
Beam Dumper & Spatial Filter
Spectrometors & Spheres
Micrometers & Screws
1-Axis Motorized Stages
2-Axis Motorized Stages
Micro-Stepping MotorController
Rotary Motorized Stages
Education Systems


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