December 2005

December 2005

Dear Photonics Professionals


In November


We added to our portfolio: 


        Spectrometers and Spectrophotometers  from 

        Reflection-transmission measurement systems from    

        Fiber-Lasers from  

        62.5/125um graded index MM fibers and 1060 fibers


Our existing suppliers announced:


        Deep Cooled Scientific Grade CCD Hi Res V model with USB2 from 

        Strong reduction in the price of 365nm LED Arrays of 

        Ultra-bright 3W LED’s  

        Broad White SM fiber laser source from

        NIR Raman Spectrometer at $15000

        Fluorometer at $10500 

        Single Photon detector module at NIR wavelength

        Si APD with build in pre-amplifier


NEW at IL Photonics:


        Our 400MB CD-Catalog has been reorganized and updated. To receive your free copy please reply to this e-mail and write in the subject line: “Send CD”.


        An updated product list has been attached for your referenceNew products are displayed in red.







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