December 2006

December 2006

This Month‘s Special Highlights


We added to our portfolio:


Excimer Lasers


Complete laser show



Based on enhanced Silicon



Based on lead sulfide image tubes till 2.2um


Our existing suppliers announced:


Optics from Stock  

Till 28/12/06 we offer the parts we have in stock at a special discount (that can be ~20%) as per attached file. For detailed specs please refer to the 2006 price list we can e-mail you upon request. The administration costs per order will remain $89. The parts listed should also have fast delivery and reach your office in ~ 2 weeks ARO.



Low cost 1.3-3-5 Mpx



Complete with Back-thinned CCD starting at $8k


Cleaning Liquid  

End of the years sales at an additional 10% discount till 28/12, as long as in stock


Safety Goggles  

For UV and IPL applications.


News from IL Photonics:


We plan to exhibit on Dec 17 th at the in Jerusalem.


News from ID Quantique


***** NEW ***** id300 with DFB laser



Short Pulse Laser Source now also available with DFB laser Geneva – November 24, 2006


Id Quantique has announced that the id300, short pulse laser source, at a wavelength of 1310nm or 1550nm is now available with a FP (Fabry-Perot) or DFB (distributed feedback) laser. The pulse duration is 300ps and a polarization maintaining fiber is available upon request.


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***** NEW ***** VIS photon counter with 1Hz noise



Improved photon counters break the 1 Hz noise barrier Geneva – November 16, 2006


id Quantique has announced the release of ultra-low noise single photon counting modules for the visible spectral range. A state-of-the-art dark count rate of less than 1Hz (20Hz) is offered for 20um (50um, respectively) diameter devices. Beside an outstanding noise level, the other salient features of the company’s successful id100 series are upheld: best-in-class timing resolution of only 40ps, short dead time of 45ns, compact and robust enclosure, long-term stability and reliability thanks to a CMOS fabrication process.

Already available for sale, these modules set a new standard in photon counting applications, providing a major boost in signal-to-noise ratio to customers looking for the ultimate detector sensitivity level.


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***** NEW ***** Quantis in an USB device



Quantis, Quantum Random Number Generator in an USB device Geneva – November 23, 2006


id Quantique is glad to announce the release of its successful Quantum Random Numbers Generator “QUANTIS” in a USB device.

Provided with driver for Linux, Windows and a library, Quantis-USB allows developers and researchers to access a true randomness source providing 4 Mbits/s raw binary output from their Laptop.



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