December 2008

December 2008

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High Lights:



DEMO Camera VGA USB2 Color / NIR at $250 C



785nm RAMAN system at $23500 + shipping cost tested and purchased by a major Israeli University S



Photo-masks down to smallest feature of 0.6um O



Fast Photo multiplier (PMT) with rise/fall time << 1nS from Photonis  D


Fiber Optics

Ring lights, Line generating and regular Fibers Custom and Stock at reasonable prices F L

Liquid light guides at reasonable prices F

Infrared Halogen lamps and NIR enhanced Halogen lamps for Fiber light engines L F


Light sources

Small 1-100mW Green OEM Laser at less than $100 + shipment L


Halogen Fiber Light source made in China L


Infrared Halogen lamps and NIR enhanced Halogen lamps for Fiber light engines L F


More News


Il photonics exhibits at the in Beer Sheva Sunday 28/12.


Featured company


Sumix Corporation designs, develops and manufactures optical systems and components, such as interferometers for surface inspection, digital 2D connector probes , digital cameras with USB2.0 interface and Gigabit Ethernet interface, piezo systems, controllers and high precision lenses.


If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don’t include 15.5% VAT, Ask for a quote on any product.

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