December 2011

December 2011


IR and NIR High Power Illuminators, the most powerful LEDs available, output up to 9W @ 5A.


High Power Illuminators,  the most powerful LEDs currently available, consist of 60 chips mounted on a metal stem TO-66 package with AlN ceramics and covered with clear epoxy resin. When proper heat sinking is provided, a High Power Illuminators can be driven up to 5A pulse and outputs 9W.


High Power Illuminators are available in more than 30 wavelengths.  Their driving conditions and power output varies depending on the wavelength.  The table below shows some of our best-selling IR and NIR High Power Illuminators.


High Power IR Surface Mount LED SMB Is Now Available with Outer Lens. SMB with Outputs 4.6W Power and 22W/sr Radiant Intensity


 Fiber Optics

 New UV light-guides that are much more cost effective than liquid light-guides or fused silica, and have also better transmission.





Displacement sensors with quartz fibers for the extreme environments of high radiation and temperatures Above 480°CSENSOR TIPS

Most sensor tips are constructed with glass fibers, epoxy and stainless steel housings.

These standard materials allow operation down to cryogenic temperatures. The upper

temperature limits are:

200°C continuous

350°C intermittent 1-2 hrs Standard, most models

260°C Models RC12, RC140, RC190

350°C continuous High Temperature Cure, specify Option T8

482°C continuous High Temperature Construction, Specify Option T9



Laser Beam-profilers for wavelength between1.5μm-12μm.






 Light Sources

 PhotoFluor II

Fiber light source with excellent stability.

Best light-source for Fura-2 and calcium or any other ratiometric analysis.

Now, Reduced in price, ask for a free demo.


Fiber source for UV Curing, including fiber and rs-232, below $3000.





CV of an Electro-optical engineer with experience in small and large companies (KLA/INTEL/NDS/Orbot/Lahat/Rhenium et. al.) is looking for new opportunities, more details at the bottom of the e-mail.


OptoPolymer Manufactures products based on diffusive reflection

The high quality OptoPolymer material offers a broad range of optical applications.
The base material is particularly processed PTFE and works in its optical characteristic as a volume reflector.

Datasheets downloadable with the links below

·         Image Processing

·         Material

·         Reflectance Standards

·         Foils

·         Sphere PTFE

·         BaSO4

·         Coating services

·         Sphere BaSO4

·         Sphere Gold

·         Spectroradiometer 1301

·         OP-CAM1 E

·         UV Testing


Applications include

·         Reflection standard

·         Lambertian reflector for optical measurement applications

·         Projection walls for highest demands
Surface projection
Through projection

·         Coating material for integrating spheres

·         Background lighting of displays

·         Laser cavities

·         Coating service

·         Optical measuring equipment





Contact details directly to the candidate:




  • Experience at all development and integration phases of a highly complex multi disciplined electro-optical systems( Semiconductor industry)
  • Experience in QA/QC (Software & Hardware) in the area of smart card software (STP, STD, STR)
  • Wide responsibilities in GDC – card reading software
  • Vast experience in customer service, negotiations, fast feedback and high customer awareness
  • Independency, ambition, excellent inter-personal relationships, good team work and QA mind oriented



Work Experience                                                                                                                                                                

Lahat Technologies   Service Engineer                                                                               2009-2011

Service engineer for particle counters (HACH, MET ONE, LightHouse), Optical tables (TMC), Photometers (ATI). Calibrations, troubleshooting all over Israel. Working onsite and in lab, mainly for military customers and Academic institutes.

Rhenium Beit Nekofa  Field Service Engineer                                                                              2008

Installations and repairs to Beckman Coulter and FUJI laboratory’s equipment.

Supporting the PCG Beckman systems: LS-13-320, Z1, Z2, Vi Cell, CYAN, FC 500

Supporting the FUJI systems: FLA 5100, 9000, LAS 3K, 4K, BAS 1800

Electronic repairs to Leica’s microscopes sub system (e.g. power supply), BIS 202 (GEL camera) control boards.


Exlibris, Jerusalem SW QA Engineer (temporary work)                                                              2008

STD’s writing, according to business requirement, STD executing, bug tracking using quality center.

Part of the QA team on a complex Server-client web system of digital archive libraries.


NDS, Jerusalem   QA Engineer                                                                                                                      1996 – 2007

QA engineer at the smart card’s QC group (5 years):.

Regression, sanity, features, black box tests for prototype smart cards.

Writing and executing (STP STD) for manual (software & hardware) tests including packets flow, firmware, and drivers of a security board for new versions.

QA engineer at the SPTV’s group (5 years):

QA engineer for GDC (Generic Display Card), customer service to local and global customers

(hundreds of users).

GDC configuration using VB script for dozens of satellite broadcast TV projects (e.g. DIRECTV, SKY).

Product support and integration using activation code and dongle secured versions according to security definition.

Customer support while developing new GDC’s features versions.

Compatibility, GUI, and functional tests.


ORBOT Instruments (Applied Materials), Yavne    R&D Physics Electro-Optics team             1994 – 1996

Responsibilities for the development, integration, application of a complex electro-optics wafer inspection machine.

Writing the engineering documents for the first machine integration.

Writing and tutoring the field customer service engineering course.

Supporting the field’s engineers at customer sites and reducing company cost.


RAD BINAT, Beit Shemesh   Electronics Practical Engineer                                            1992 – 1994

Acceptance testing, component level repairing in modems


KLA TENCOR, Migdal Ha’emek      Electro optics Practical Engineer                                               1989 – 1992

Production, calibration and integration to complex electro-optic systems.

Acceptance tests and development experiments for a wafer metrology inspection machine.

Achieving an excellent interferometer contrast result, thus making a new production procedure which

made KLA’s machines with greater optical resolution.



INTEL, Jerusalem   Electronics Practical Engineer- Student                                                              1987 – 1988

Student work at engineering equipment department inside the FAB


TFL, Jerusalem       Electronic Technician                                                                                                  1985 – 1986

Final acceptance testing, calibration of a Cesium atomic clock



Education & Courses

Hadasah College, Jerusalem  Electro-Optics Practical Engineer – Diploma                                        1988


ORT College, Jerusalem   Micro-Electronics  High school                                                                                 1981



Telecommunication and QA ( protocols-TCP/IP/UDP, sniffer), QTP, Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition and Script Host Essential, Electronics for SW team, UNIX, Power Point, Assertive Communication, Tasks management through space and time dimensions, Creative Engineering for effective presentations, Advanced Negotiation skills, Body language, Naval army courses, electronics and RF.


Professional Work Environments

Quality Center 9.0, ClearQuest, OS WIN 2K, XP, Vista, Server 2003 VB Script, UNIX, VMWARE, SNMP, Office SW,



Army Service                                                                                                                1981-1985

Personal Profile

Languages:  English (very good), Hebrew


Recommendations will be given upon request.


If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don’t include 16% VAT,

special actions maybe conditioned as long as in stock or till a certain date. Ask for a quote on any product.

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