December 2012

December 2012

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Electrons guiding / Detectors








Lightweight Breadboards made out of Carbon, from 


Light Weight

Thermal Stability


Clean Room




goldfish jumping out of the water



 Blanks from various Materials, best to buy via IL Photonics:

ZnSe, ZnS,



TeO2, LiNbO3,


Ohara glasses,

Pyrex etc.




Thin Film polarizers and

KD*P pockel cells, highest quality,

are available for free trials by OEM’s. Please send your drawing



 Plastic replicated optics from

~1mm till

~300mm available now.


 Electrons Guiding / Detectors

A new presentation onResistive glass inlet tubes


Resistive Glass Products are geometric glass structures with resistive properties that can be used to create

uniform electric fields in order to guide or direct charged particles.


Made by Photonis


❂ Lasers

 2013 Pricing reduced by up till 15%

for 4W-20W 532nm FinesseUltra low noise.


Perfect for Ti:Sapphire pumping and other applications.


Includes 5 year warranty.



GHz rep rate fS lasers for


Ultrafast time domain spectroscopy





❂ Spectroscopy


Model MS5204i

Adding another option to the focal length portfolio from 40mm till 1000mm



New High Power Vertical Structure UV LEDs Are Now Available as Chip and SMD


High Power UV LED chip


     Epitex C365V-110 is a 365 nm vertical structure high power chip of 1140 um x 1140 um outer dimension. C365V-1100 can be driven at 700 mA DC and 1000 mA pulse and generates 400 mW at 500 mA. Its clean spectrum with no side peak of visible light makes C365V-1100 well suited for machine vision and curing applications. 395 nm vertical structure high power chip, C395V-1100 is also available. Please review the product information of C365V-1100 and C395V-1100 at the following links.



C365V-110      Product catalog

C395V-110      Product catalog


High Power SMD, SMZ Series

     Epitex new high power UV SMD, SMZ series is made of a single 1.0 x 1.0 mm vertical structure chip mounted on a UV resistant package with a copper heat sink and covered with silicon resin. 365 nm SMD, SMZ365V-1100 can be driven at up to 500 mA DC and 700 mA pulse, and generates 440 mW of total radiant power when it is driven at 700 mA. 375nm and 395 nm SMZ are also available.



❂ Other News

Tom Erlic from http://WWW.PMDI.COM  motion control solutions will visit customers in Israel in the week Jan 6-10, please contact us if you wish to arrange meeting, by writing in the subject line “Meeting PMDI”: to with your company name and available times and days.


IL Photonics exhibits Jan 8th at … at KfarMaccabiah


Light-Conversion  is the world leading manufacturer of continuously wavelength tunable ultrafast light sources based on TOPAS series of optical parametric amplifiers and frequency mixers Established in 1994, as a spin-off from Vilnius University Laser Research Center, the company has built its strength on profound knowledge in the field of optical parametric generation and amplification accumulated by its people in general and its leader Dr. Romualdas Danielius in particular.

Starting from 2007 Light Conversion has introduced it’s new development – PHAROS ultra short laser system. Featuring market-leading femtosecond pulse output parameters along with robust, industrial design PHAROS has gained significant attention of industrial and scientific customers. Primary applications of Light Conversion femtosecond laser are in material processing and micromachining. However coupled with ORPHEUS parametric amplifiers PHAROS becomes an attractive laser source for ultrafast spectroscopy applications.

Light Conversion is a private company with >70 employees. The company is based in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The company’s activities are mainly concentrated on the product development, manufacturing and service.


PHAROS products


Femtosecond Ytterbium doped solid state lasers

ProductsMax output energy, uJOutput power, WOutput pulse durationRepetition ratesSpecial features
CARBIDE2002-4<300 fsUp to 1 MHzExtremely compact efficient
PHAROS2004-15<300 fs
(260 fs typical)
Up to 1 MHzPossibility of repetition rate synchronization and CEP offset stabilization
PHAROS-SP15006<200 fs
(180 fs typical)
Up to 1 MHz
FLINT (oscillator only)0.020.7-4<100 fs
(80 fs typical)
66-88 MHz


PHAROS/CARBIDE harmonics generator products

ProductsPump energy, uJAccessible wavelengths, nmOutput pulse durationSpecial features
PHAROS-G2, G3, G4, GA5-10001030, 515, 343, 257, 2050.7-1.2 times pump pulse durationIndustrial grade design, automated versions available
HIRO5-1000515, 343, 2570.7-1.2 times pump pulse durationFlexible and customizable
SHBC10-10005151-8 psEfficient bandwidth compressor providing down to 5cm-1 picosecond pulses
HIRO (for oscillator)0.01-0.05515, 343, 2570.9-1.5 times pump pulse durationHarmonics of oscillator pulses (66-88MHz)


PHAROS wavelength conversion products comparison matrix. The table includes both current and “future” products.


ProductsPump energy, uJTuning range, nmExtended tuning rangeOutput pulse durationBandwidth, cm-1Special features
ORPHEUS8-1000630-2600210-200000.7-1.0 times pump pulse duration80-160Widest tuning range
ORPEHUS-Twins10-25Channel1: 630-2600
Channel2: 630-2600
315-6300.7-1.0 times pump pulse duration80-160Two independently sources sharing the same white light continuum as seed. Completely automated, turn-key system.
10-500650-900, 1200-2500325-45040-300 fs, user adjustable80-400, user adjustableIncludes automated dispersion management and pre-compensation (prism compressor) Optional CEP stable idler
ORPHEUS-N-2N6-100650-900325-45010-40 fs200-500
ORPHEUS-N-3H10-100500-800250-40015-45 fs200-500
ORPEHUS-PS*Two pumps required: 5uJ@1030 nm, <300 fs;
25-1000uJ@515 nm, 2-5 ps from SHBC
650-1000, 1060-2500210-50002-5 ps<20

* – available from 2013


“PHAROS” is a single-unit integrated femtosecond laser system combining millijoule pulse energies and high average power. It features market leading compact size for easy OEM integration and laboratory space saving. Most of “PHAROS” output  parameters can be easily set via control pad or PC tuning the laser for your particular application in seconds. Tunability of laser output parameters allow “PHAROS” system to cover applications normally requiring different class of lase…


 CEP stabilization system for PHAROS

Amplification of CEP stable pulses with a reproducible waveform under the pulse envelope is an enabling technology for a variety of strong-field control applications such as generation of isolated attosecond pulses or directional electron emission in above-threshold ionization. Femtosecond diode pumped ytterbium laser amplifiers present an interesting opportunity in this field as compared to Ti:Sapphire because of the average power and repetition rate scalability. Pursuing…



CARBIDE is a single-unit integrated, ultra compact femtosecond laser system offering high average output power. CARBIDE is built upon technology used in PHAROS high power lasers using chirped pulse amplification technique, employing seed oscillator, regenerative amplifier and pulse stretcher/compressor modules. However compared to predecessor, CARBIDE uses few technological innovations: simplified pump diode setup, compactified laser cavity optimized for efficient output, …



ORPHEUS is a colinear optical parametric amplifier of white-light continuum pumped by PHAROS laser. ORPHEUS maintains the best features of TOPAS series amplifiers: high output stability throughout the entire tuning range, high output pulse and beam quality, full computer control via USB port as well as lots of optional frequency mixers to extend the tuning range from UV up to mid-IR ranges. It can also operate at wide range of repetition rates from 1 kHz up to 1 MHz.   <…



“ORPHEUS-N” is a non-collinear optical parametric amplifier (NOPA) pumped by the “PHAROS” laser system. “ORPHEUS-N” with second harmonic pump delivers pulses of less than 25fs in 700-850nm range with average power of more than 500mW at 750nm (pumped with 6W @1030nm, 200kHz).
“ORPHEUS-N” with third harmonic pump delivers pulses of less than 25 fs in 525-700nm range with average power of more than 100mW at 600nm (pumped with 6W @103…


 Industrial harmonic generators

The principal of OEM harmonic generators operation is based on collinear generation of higher laser radiation harmonics in angle phasematched nonlinear crystals. The optical layout of OEM harmonic generator also includes beam reduction and collimation optics that ensures the highest harmonics conversion efficiencies. In a standard setup particular harmonic is produced in a single OEM harmonic generator module, different module is required for different order harmonics gene…


 Harmonics generator “HIRO”

“HIRO” is a harmonics generator for “PHAROS” laser providing conversion to 515 nm, 343 nm and 258 nm wavelengths.
With it’s small footprint – 155x325mm – and a wide variety of fixing methods “HIRO” fulfills the need of all – OEM, industrial and scientific users. Depending on the model of “HIRO” it can provide the second and the fourth or the second, the third and the fourth harmonic. The active harmonic is selected by manual rotation of the knob – changing th…



Transient absorption spectrometer Harpia is an instrument for measuring femtosecond transient absorption spectra and kinetics. The instrument is designed to be used with multi-kHz repetition rate Yb:KGW femtosecond laser systems (Pharos, Carbide), but can also be used with 1 kHz Ti:Sapphire lasers. Harpia includes entire optical setup with all-reflective white light supercontinuum probe line and …



The FLINT oscillator is based on Yb:KGW crystal end-pumping by high brightness laser diode module. Generation of femtosecond pulses is provided by Kerr lens modelocking, which is induced by perturbation of the cavity length. Once started, modelocking remains stable over long period of time and is immune to minor mechanical impact. Chirped mirrors and a prism pair are used in a laser cavity to adjust precisely the group velocity dispersion and cavity length.



Chimera is an ultrafast fluorescence spectrometer for liquid and solid-state samples, combining fluorescence up-conversion and time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) techniques in one instrument. Fluorescence upconversion technique provides access to femtosecond fluorescence dynamics, whereas TCSPC allows measuring the picosecond-to-microsecond kinetics over the entire spectral range of interest. This data can subsequently be employed to perform the spectral recons…



ORPHEUS-Twins – two independently tunable optical parametric amplifiers designed for high repetition rate operation. Both OPAs are integrated into a single monolithic housing and share the same white light continuum source as seed for amplification. ORPHEUS-Twins provides two outputs, independently tunable in the 630nm – 2600nm range and pulse durations below 200 femtoseconds. The design of this OPA offers complet…



Pharos harmonic generator product line features second harmonic bandwidth compressor abbreviated as SHBC. Device is dedicated for the formation of narrow bandwidth picosecond pulses from broadband output of ultrafast laser. In Pharos platform SHBC is used to create flexible setups providing fixed wavelength or tunable narrow bandwidth ps pulses in combination with tunable wavelength broadband fs pulses. This feature is used in spectroscopy applications for mixing of wide a…


IL Photonics proudly distributes/represents all the lines of Light conversion in Israel, except for the Topas line that is sold through Newport


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