February 2007

February 2007

Subject: IL Photonics FEB 07 Newsletter



This Month‘s Special Highlights


USB2 Cameras  

www.lumenera.com Launched a 1.3Mpx 30 fps camera

www.lumenera.com started shipping smaller package (LM series)

www.lumenera.com started shipping 5M Pixel Cameras

www.lumenera.com released new brochures for the Industrial and Scientific cameras. The one for the Scientific Cameras is attached. Please reply to this email within the subject: “Send Industrial Camera Brochure” to receive the 2MB Brochure on Industrial cameras.


Giant CCD Cameras

www.DTA.it  delivers the first EXHuge camera with a Kodak 4300 chip (50mmX50mm) to a customer in Israel.


Ultra-Fast Streaming cameras

Full 640*480 at 250 fps for hours steaming over GigE (ask for our white-Paper).




www.Photonis.com introduces a Photomultiplier based photon-counter for the UV-VIS region.


ID Quantique introduced extra low noise NIR photon-Counters http://www.idquantique.com/products/files/id201-specs.pdf


355nm Lasers

New Javelin Series 100mW average Power, <10nS pulse 20-40 KHz Laser from www.dpss-lasers.com (in addition to the 350mW series)


A 10mW laser at < $9k


UV Laser Marking System   

A complete system with a powerful 355nm laser. Excellent for ceramic and other materials.


  • Glass Scribing and Marking
  • Indium Tin Oxide Removal on Plastic and Glass for Flat Panel Applications.
  • Wire Marking (especially aircraft wires) – the UV is a “Cold Mark” process which turns the Titanium Di-Oxide in the insulation black with exposed to UV. No damage to the mechanical or electrical aspects of the wire.
  • Silicon wafer marking – Does not damage surrounding areas. This can be either scribing or “soft mark”, and more applications



Quartz Cuvettes

Samples of Various models in stock.



RAMAN Spectroscopy

A complete 16 bit 532nm system for < $20k



Resistive glass drift tubes

BURLE awarded patent for resistive glass drift tubes for ion mobility spectrometry applications


News from IL Photonics:


We plan to exhibit at the http://technologies.hi-tech.co.il/tech2/tech2/code/a.asp?convention_id=55  on March 26th and 27th in Tel Aviv.


FEATURED COMPANY www.Controldevelopment.com


Company Description

Control Development Inc. is a manufacturer of small, miniature, high performance spectrographs and spectroscopy systems. Our products offer an unmatched price performance combination in the industry, covering the UV, VIS, and NIR spectral regions. Control Development Inc. was incorporated in 1991 and introduced its first product in 1993. Over the years, Control Development Inc. has introduced several unique products to the spectroscopy market.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported 

  • UV/VIS
  • NIR
  • Raman
  • Process, Quality Control, and Research Spectroscopy
  • On-line and At-line Applications
  • Near Infrared Reflection and Absorbance Spectroscopy

Market Served

  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Biomedical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductor
  • Polymer
  • Thin Films
  • Agricultural

Major Products/Services

Full line of rugged spectrographs and portable spectroscopy systems that incorporate the probe, light source, spectrograph, and software in one rugged package.

Smart Sensor

All our spectroscopy products can be integrated into industrial chassis that are Ethernet ready and can be run over a network.

Customer Support

Control Development Inc. offers extensive presale and after-sale customer support. We will analyze customer samples for free at our laboratory, to determine suitability of our systems to your application.


Control Development Inc. has just moved into a new facility to accommodate its growing manufacturing requirements. The new facility is located in an industrial park in South Bend, Indiana.

NIR Spectro meter

T. E. Cool ed

Raman Spectrometer

Silicon PDA

Portable Spectrometer

Blend Uniformity Monitor


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