February 2012

February 2012



1mW Single-Mode, 795nm VCSEL for Atomic clock and other applications



 OPO with integrated DPSS lasercovering 1.45-1.92um and 2.4-4.0um



xSCELL Digital Scientific Camera1000 fps at a resolution of 1024 x 1024, with read noise of less than

2 e- rms.







 Imaging Photon Counters providing a unique combination of high spatial resolution and fast timing of 50ps


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Tim McGarry Business Development manager of Www.princetonoptronics.com ,the high power VECSL specialist, will Visit Israel, March 14-18. Please contact us if you are interest to make an appointment with him. (Reply Princeton Visit)


IL Photonics launched a new DVD that makes it easier to find our product offering. Please contact us to get your free copy. (Reply free DVD)






Anteryon provides innovative high-tech optical solutions from design to mass production level.

The core technologies of Anteryon are glass replication, surface structuring and opto-mechanical / opto-electronic assembly. Combining the core technologies we are able to produce Wafer Optics®, Lenses, Lasers and Planar Optics.

Anteryon is a spin-off of Philips Electronics with an extensive track record in micro-optic technologies and solid customer base. The company is divided in Anteryon BV and Anteryon WaferOptics® BV both owned by Anteryon International BV.

·         Wafer Optics®: Camera Modules, Stacked Wafers, Lens Wafers
WaferOptics® is a new technology enabling high volume production of integrated opticsusing 8 inch wafer level packaging. Anteryon designs and manufactures the highest quality, smallest and lowest costs high volume micro-optics solutions enabled by wafer-based production.

·         Lenses: Aspherical Lenses, Lens Arrays, Free Form Lenses, Lenticulars
Anteryon’s hybrid micro optics are manufactured using cutting edge glass replication (UV casting) technology. A thin layer of liquid UV curable polymer is replicated on a glass surface. Glass replication is a cold process performed at room temperature. Glass replication technology combines the technical advantages of glass moulding with the cost benefits of plastic moulding.

·         Lasers: Diode Lasers Modules, Fiber Collimators
Anteryon designs and manufactures high quality low power diode laser modules, fiber collimators and fiber collimator arrays in combination with its replicated aspherical lenses or lens arrays.

·         Planar Optics: Substrates, Precision Glass, Optical Coatings, Powder Blasting
Anteryon is a supplier of innovative, customized solutions in the field of optical components, opto-mechanical assemblies, sensor die packaging and CD/DVD mastering. One of our core capabilities is development and manufacturing of precision optics, opto-mechanical assemblies and structured glass substrates. Anteryon fully exploits the potentials in various OEM markets for its optical and packaging skill set. Its customers are leaders in high-end markets including semiconductor lithography, measurement equipment, data storage and optical media.


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