Herzan Provides Solutions for Electron Microscopy Vibrations

Herzan Provides Solutions for Electron Microscopy Vibrations

For over 25 years, Herzan has partnered with electron microscopy users to achieve more from their research by removing the disruptive acoustic, vibration, and EMI noise that would affect their measurements, causing distortions to the images.

Benefits of Choosing Herzan


  • Designs comprehensive environmental solutions catering specifically to the needs of electron microscopy users
  • Offers isolation systems that address all forms of environmental noise, including vibration and acoustic noise, as well as magnetic fields
  • Partners with end users to customize solutions entirely, ensuring all unique research requirements are being carefully considered
  • Supports all major electron microscopy manufacturers, either directly or through individual end users, to remove environmental noise from their imaging
  • Builds solutions for a wide range of electron microscopes, from compact desktop SEMs to large-scale TEMs

To learn more about Herzan’s proven strategies and solutions for electron microscopy from their latest Solutions Guide, click here.

December 15, 2019 Blog, Herzan, Motion Control