January 2006

January 2006

Dear Photonics Professionals


In December and the beginning of January


We added to our portfolio: 


        PMT’s and MCP’s from www.burle-eo.com(purchased by www.photonis.com ) 

        Gratings up to 6000 lp/mm from  www.ssioptics.com     

        Germanium blanks 


Our existing suppliers announced:


        8X8 and 2X2 channel MCP-PMT from  www.burle-eo.com

        Streak tubes from www.photonis.com

        Small PMT XP6500 from www.photonis.com 

        Complete PMT module with power supply and voltage divider inside from www.photonis.com

        11Mpixel CCD camera of www.lumenera.com starts shipping 

        www.lumenera.com revises dark-current specs of its cooled cameras

        www.lumenera.com publishes an industrial camera brochure and a scientific camera brochure 


NEW at IL Photonics:


        IL photonics exhibits this week (Jan 17th and 18th at the Isranalytica 2006 in David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel-Aviv http://www.forumsci.co.il/Isranalytica2006/ 


        An updated product list has been attached for your referenceNew products are displayed in red.







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