January 2007

January 2007

This Month‘s Special Highlights


We added to our portfolio:


Light Sources

Xenon and Mercury lamp Based from www.abet-technologies.com . OEM and Stock: :“The!!!!! Experts in light sources”.


Solar Simulators

From www.abet-technologies.com


Digital Light Detectors

From www.abet-technologies.com


Camera Link Cameras

From VGA till 16Mpx




Electronic Cables and Subassemblies

Manufactured “Build to Print” by a highly qualified Sub-Contractor in Israel.


Our existing suppliers announced:


Laser Beam Expanders  


Vortex Lens

From Holo-Or as http://optics.org/cws/Products/ViewProduct.do?productCode=P000001652


Ion Guide Tube

BURLE lowered Ion Guide Tube Standard Pricing (circular formats only), ask us for a quote.


Safety Goggles  

For HO:YAG (2100nm) and other laser 190-10600nm.


USB2 Cameras  

From www.lumenera.com now available in a smaller package (LM series)


News from IL Photonics:


We plan to exhibit at the www.isranalytica.org.il on Jan 23rd and 24th in Tel Aviv.


An Updated product list as been attached for your reference.


FEATURED COMPANY www.lumenera.com

Lumenera Introduces 11 Megapixel Large Format CCD
Microscopy Camera
Lumenera is pleased to introduce the INFINITY4-11. The INFINITY4-11 is the newest offering from the popular INFINITY family of microscopy cameras. With features that include a 35mm format 11 megapixel sensor, frame rates between 3.5 and 60 fps, and a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, the INFINITY4-11 is an ideal camera for research microscopists. The camera’s adaptability to varying resolution and frame rate requirements, combined with low noise performance and 8 or 12-bit pixel data mode make the INFINITY4-11 an ideal camera for both live and fixed cell imaging. Click here for more info

Lumenera Corporation’s High-Sensitivity, Cooled CCD
Digital Camera
The INFINITY3-1 employs the highly successful and popular 2/3” Sony ICX285 CCD sensor with 1.4 megapixel resolution. The extremely sensitive Sony CCD sensor, combined with high dynamic range and low noise as a result of proprietary Peltier cooling technology, designates the INFINITY3-1 an ideal choice for extended exposure and low light fluorescent applications where 12-bit data is required for analysis. Click here for more info

Lumenera’s INIFINITY ANALYZE imaging software
INFINITY ANALYZE is a complete image capture and processing software package for advanced imaging in the life science, clinical and industrial research markets. Easily capture and process images with excellent reproducibility and accuracy. INFINITY ANALYZE is included with all INFINITY USB 2.0 microscopy cameras to create the perfect solution for all your imaging needs. Click here for more info


The Ottawa Health Research Institute (OHRI), in Ontario, Canada, needed to reduce costs and increase availability of their confocal systems. Confocal systems are laser based imaging solutions which use Photomultiplier Tubes as detectors, taking the place of both a lamp light source and camera as detectors on a normal microscope. Vastly improving image contrast by omitting out-of-focus light, these systems help researchers view details not distinguishable under non-confocal conditions, and are therefore expensive to run and in high demand.

As manager of the Confocal Imaging Suite for the OHRI, Dr. Andrew Ridsdale’s cost-effective solution to this problem was the installation of an INFINITY3-1monochrome cooled camera. Imaging Suite researchers are now using Lumenera’s cooled camera for basic imaging work, saving the confocals for the more sophisticated experiments. One such example is a low magnification phase contrast study of wound in tissue culture. Wound tissue is cultured and studied over time by attaching fluorescent molecules to proteins present when the tissue begins to heal. The INFINITY3-1 camera, with live preview and high quality images, is now used to study these samples.

Feedback from the Imaging Suite users has been positive, offering the advantages of increased availability for the confocal systems and a reduction in costs for the Imaging Suite. For more info on this project or on our imaging products, e-mailmoshe@ilphotonics.com

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