January 2010

January 2010

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The 2010 pricelist for ZnSe CO2 laser optics is available, ask for your copy (with replying co2 optics). Selected Re-polished optics is available at ~50% lower price than new optics.


Opto-mechanics from Opmount like XYZ stages starting at ~$550 (before VAT and shipment)



Low noise / Seed Lasers CW – Pulsed for 1064nm and CW for 1550nm

– Small

– Low noise

–  Reasonable price



5m UV LED 0.63cent DDP at qty 1000.



Multi-frame streak camera, now available with preliminary specs/report


5Mpx monochrome USB2 camera with software $770 before shipment and VAT



laser optics Fast Detectors straight from the manufacturer via IL Photonics .Other companies charge much more for the same detectors


Best MCT ever produced, but at standard pricing ($1300 per wafer).

EVERY wafer has a composition (X) uniformity of +/-0.002 or better Better products


More News

We try to arrange a minyan for Shacharit in San Francisco  during  the Photonics West at 7.30 Am. Please reply to this message within the subject line “Minyan PW” to check for details and advise if  you can estimate the chance you can attend.


An official from Photonis plans to visit Israeli customers in the week of March 7th. If you are interested in a visit please reply to this message within the subject line “Photonis Visit”


New Catalogs

www.kigre.com Er:Glass and eye-safe micro lasers


Featured company



PHOTONIS provides its customers and end-users with a clear market advantage, by offering the most complete range and highest performance scientific detector products available in the market for photomultiplier tubes (PMT’s) and image intensifier tubes.

Our detection products like electron multipliers, MCP’s, Low Light Level Image Detectors, Channeltron are in most of today’s technology-based markets. They drive performance, as well as early and accurate detection in medical diagnostics and life science analytical equipment.


Time-of-Flight MCP Detectors
Image Intensifiers
Micro channel plates & detectors
Electron multipliers
Ion guides / Drift Tubes / Glass Products
Streak tubes
Neutron and Gamma detectors

Advanced Performance MCP Detectors

High Voltage Power Supplies

ElectroGen™ Electron Generator Arrays

Intensified camera


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If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don’t include 16% VAT, special actions maybe conditioned as long as in stock or till a certain date. Ask for a quote on any product.

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