July 2010

July 2010

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This Month’s Highlights



Optical materials available as blanks including:

Silicon-Floatzone, Optical and mirror grades




ZnS Clear grade








Price reduction at​​ www.vdsvossk.de​​ CCD and NIR cameras from 0.2Mpx till 16Mpx uncooled and cooled  ~10% lower in Euro or about 30% lower in US$.



Wide Dynamic Range Mini ATM Camera Captures Every Face In Every Environment

After a demanding eighteen month trial Videology’s newest ATM camera has met or exceeded all performance goals. The 1/3” WDR camera withstood rigorous testing at all test sites - the desert heat of Arizona, urban environments in Los Angeles and residential neighborhoods in New Jersey. Videology’s ATM camera (model​​ 20B705-ATM) is now the hands-down camera of choice for one of the largest global manufacturers of automatic teller machines.

Videology’s high-performing, modestly priced ATM camera is in stock and available to all ATM OEMs and large-scale banking institutions.



Light sources

Princeton Optronics Introduces High Power Multi-chip Pump Module at 808nm

VCSEL based High Power multichip laser module delivering 480 watts of QCW power from the module. The module has four 5x5mm  VCSEL chips each delivering 120W of output power each which are connected in series. The chips are mounted on a copper heat sink which is fan cooled which is integrated with the module. The module is ideal for users who want to use a ready made pump for pumping of solid state lasers, illumination and for medical applications.​​ 











IT Introduces the UBerBallast current controllers​​ make it easy for OEM and​​ integrators to employ the latest high brightness LEDs, including the Luminus Phlatlight chips and other high current arrays. ​​ 



18 Amps, Analog Adjustable, Pure DC, 0.1% Stable​​ 

Now that's some serious current control!​​ 




PHOTONIS Hybrid Photo Diodes (HPD) to be on CREAM-VII Flight

Roden, NL – PHOTONIS, a leading electro-optic manufacturer, has announced that they have been selected to provide a key component to the Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass (CREAM) experiment to study cosmic ray origins. PHOTONIS will provide a number of Hybrid Photo Diodes (HPDs) and their power supply units to the experiment.

PHOTONIS Hybrid Photo Diodes were considered ideal for the CREAM project due to their unique combination of low power, low weight, and high channel count as well as their ability to measure single photons. The HPDs will be used as critical sensors on a new calorimeter readout system, which measures the energies of ionized cosmic particles. The PHOTONIS HPDs will be installed as part of the CREAM VII flight, which is scheduled to launch in 2011.

More info on this Low noise detector is available at​​ http://www.photonis.com/upload/industryscience/pdf/iit/HPD-MAY2010.pdf




Fiber optic distance sensors


Large reductions in sensor resolution specs..."


Our analog circuit boards currently in production yield lower sensor noise levels, especially at higher frequencies. Therefore, the noise increase from 20 KHz to 200 KHZ is no longer 4x, it is now only 2x.

Lower noise levels means better resolution is possible.  Therefore, all of the July 2010 data sheets have lower Analog Resolution specs, especially in the DC-200 KHZ band.


The internal microprocessor clock rate has been reduced to 10.1 KHz for all DMS models. As a result of that (and other tricks Chris has learned), all performance parameters are better and most importantly, digital sensors have lower noise and better accuracy. Therefore, all July 2010 data sheets also have lower Digital Resolution specs, especially at the faster Analog-to-Digital Averaging Filters (ADC AVG = 2 - 256).

Other news:

Ask your free copy​​ of the IL Photonics sponsored​​ www.yadsarah.org.il​​ calendar 5771 by sending us an e-mail within the subject line “Send Calendar”


IL Photonics will exhibit at The​​ Optical Engineering 2010 Meeting​​ that will take place​​ July 27​​ at the Jerusalem College of Technology in Jerusalem. The  announcement and the program of the Meeting:​​ http://www.seeei.org.il/upload/files/ProgOptEng100630.pdf


The Meeting will take place from 8:30 till 18:30. Participation is free but requires electronic registration as space is limited:​​ seeei@bezeqint.net​​ (Mention in the registration that it is for the Optical Engineering 2010 Meeting as well as your name, workplace, email and telephone#)


Featured company​​ 




CryLaS GmbH designs and manufactures diode-pumped solid-state lasers in UV, VIS and IR for scientific and OEM-use with applications in biotechnology, analytics, imaging, sensor systems and micromachining. CryLaS products combine long term stability, low noise, small size and excellent workmanship. Products include


High Power Pulsed Laser Systems

Diode pumped passively Q-switched solid state laser
applications: biology · biomedicine · chemistry · analytics · micromachining · environmental


Low Power Pulsed Laser Systems

Diode pumped passively Q-switched solid state laser
applications: biology · biomedicine · chemistry · analytics · environmental

  • Diode pumped passively Q-switched frequency 4th​​ harmonic solid state laser 266nm

  • Diode pumped passively Q-switched frequency tripled solid state laser 355nm

  • Diode pumped passively Q-switched frequency doubled solid state laser 532nm

  • Diode pumped passively Q-switched solid state laser 1064nm


MISTRAL Diode pumped Master Oscillator Power Amplifier laser


applications: micromachining · LIDAR



CryLas offers a very compact CW-laser with single-frequency mode for industrial and scientific applications.


Now available: The new FQCW 266-50 offers 50mW optical power in a compact air cooled housing

Ideal for spectroscopy, inspection, analytics, mastering and much more...



FQCW266 5/10mW

FQCW266 50/100mW - NEW -


CryLaS offers a pumped tunable dye laser system in different resonator designs.


FTSS Dye Laser new housing 



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